So comes the earthly glory

The young man went to Greece. Not for the sake of curiosity, and the ship's case study - learn to build a yacht Well, almost PetrІ.
The company selected a group of international - Russian, Ukrainian, Kirghiz, Latvian. In general, a hodgepodge of the former one and indivisible. And the people from these areas at risk of contagion called nostalgia. Yearn for people with special anguish watching and what is happening there in the homeland. And there is just a football match "Dnepr" - "Metalist" is planned. So argues Russian part of the colony with the Ukrainian. Not just - a desire. Ukraine puts on Kharkov, Russia - to Dnepropetrovsk. "Metalist" loses. Ukrainians think bad about Miron Markevich. And for good reason. For deliberated a bit, Russians announce his desire: to be a loser in the next 12-00 days in Adam's costume to go to the beach, to shout the phrase "Cross on the belly, two on ..., an age of freedom can not see", and then bathe in the waters of the Aegean Sea, and in the same costumes proceed to the boarding house. We must, of course, be noted that the task was of obvious signs of defiance of public foundations, but the desire to dispute - against the will of the holy and won no arguing.
And at noon the next day a nice four naturist campers lined up in front of sun loungers (good Russian colleagues alerted the staff and guests of the pension upcoming show), required shouted slogan, swim and followed to the door of the boarding house. And here they heard from the lips of German tourists that middle-aged, the most famous German phrase: & quot; Ist will fantastish! & Quot;
And so it comes to earthly glory.


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