Unemotional Ukrainians

That's the way you live, you live. Want to go and defecate in the very room. A floor beneath you - hryas - and that falls to the ground floor. There are not only small, but at the same time and in a more seamlessly converge. Unless, of course, remain alive.
Think fantasy? Those guys like that. The most that neither is a fact of life. Even address can specify: city Kherson, street Perekopskaya 185. And the floor still really collapsed along with a resident, an advanced into the toilet.
The authorities, however, made a statement. That, say, all have been warned - toilet in disrepair and use are prohibited. The course understandable. But there is at least two questions:
1.A where, sorry, I have to attribute their good? Under the door neighbors?
2.A whether it is possible to live in the house rules, some of which could collapse at any moment? After that he fell through the man shows only that after a couple of months, he would have done it quite spontaneously. A nizhezhivuschim something no one to go to the toilet did not forbid! So it is that cold-bloodedly planned action?
Somehow recently came across another study. I do not remember, can and British scientists. So, Ukraine is among the top ten most unemotional countries. And where can I go, then, damn it, emotsionirovat? There need iron Face and zero emotion, otherwise zagneshsya overnight.


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