Stand on your

Today my friend Slava Druzhinin to defend their rights. In court. Our Ukrainian court. Against the popularly beloved GAI. (Well, DAI)
He rode on September 27 last year after Cherkasy. Two in the morning. Machine - old "Lanos". Something he's thought so, well, Slavik and stopped to figure out what's what. All rank-rank, avariechku included, from the trunk of tools took (he thrifty and economical). Just sat down again in the salon, as there are two of the casket with tokens and batons. "Yeah - say - standing in the wrong place?┬╗
And the answer is not really listening to require documents and begin to draw up a report. Glory tries to reach universal - say, citizens, you should at least inquired about the reason for the stop, but noticed that the sign of something beyond the foliage is not very visible. At two o'clock in the morning. Write. Tried to common sense - because in any dispute will you Moh Cherkasy hundred pounds do not come. Lose - and a spot on mundirchik. Appends, puffing of zeal.
Well, spit on persuasion, of course. A back - filed an administrative claim for our pets. The court was brief. And in view of the absence of the defendant (who would doubt) restored the rights of Mr Druzhinin reviled. For nefig protocols throw. So, my friends, stand up on its end.


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