How to behave in extreme situations

Pictures released by the US government, which explain how to behave in extreme situations.

The funny thing is that these pictures are very ambiguous, so they can mean anything! Here are a few examples of some of their interpretations.

When you want to steal something, do not forget to assess the value of things / the effort. Here we have some examples of high-value and low weight.

Your phone is actually a doctor, but of course if it does not tsiferok.

Your respiratory and digestive systems are optional. Hammer on them - mutants do not need them.

If you breathe in toxic substances - stand and wait for the arrival, just do not go to the doctor - it is all the buzz broken off.

Before using the phone, you should wash your hands!

Pyromaniac in a building not to miss!

If the door is closed, the only reception karate will help you discover it.

Michael Jackson - terrorist! If you notice this ugly criminal run without delay.

If you suddenly light up, stand still, in no case, do not run!

Having survived the first biological attack wait 5 minutes to smoke, then falls to his knees, then go to, most importantly do not forget to turn over on his side and pretend to be dead.

If you filled up again with some plates and you do not have a magic lantern, then take care of oxygen in any case not bunch.

Quick family picture in front of a terrorist attack would be a good family keepsake that will preserve precious memories for years to come.

If you filled up plates - use your magic lantern, he is sure to raise here the slab directly above you.

Toilet door in your bedroom leads to Hell. Do not go there, do not.

If you are a terrorist-zemetili arrow - push her shoulder against the wall and will not let go.

If you have noticed terrorism - immediately begins to blow in its special anti-terrorism whistle. Well, if you are Vin Diesel, then shout louder.

If the weather suddenly became cloudy, then kneel and begin to look for worms in the ground.

If the building in which you are beginning crumble, be sure to climb under the table and practice yoga.

If you filled up again, and the magic lantern does not raise the plate, then arrange theatrica shadows, have fun in the end.

After radiation exposure you sure mutiruete to gigantic proportions. Be careful not to hit his head.

Only the coolest party people be allowed on an unforgettable party in an underground bunker.

It turns out if you raise this Thing, the machine will not go anywhere.

If the place in which you were sent suddenly exploded, do not deny yourself the pleasure: stop and enjoy the show.

Riding in a car sticking out of her post is prohibited.

Avoid the terrorists with pink eyes and leprosy. Calculate them is not difficult: they have a tendency to manic constantly scratching each other's hands.

Man, a dead fish and a sign of biological threat - they risk being zasosanymi a temporary funnel.

If the sky was colored, clutched at his throat and immediately begin to choke himself.

In time of war real Americans eat only meat. No fish and birds!

That's why chemistry should be banned.

Beware of people who go out of white tents! They certainly soprut your shirt!

To get rid of smallpox wash your hands with soap under the faucet, but not over the sink!

Midst of a terrorist attack is not the best time to take care of books and important papers.

If you suddenly hear the Backstreet Boys, or Ukupnik Sergei Zverev on the radio immediately zabeytes into a corner in a terrible tantrum or best run the hell out of there.

If you suddenly become a mutant with terrible hands - be sure to close the window, no one wants to look at it.

Radioactive materials released in 4 convenient packages: - Individual - Family - mass destruction - and of course the super size! Which is enough for all the inhabitants of the planet Earth!

Satellite photos show Texas atomic bomb somewhere in the Southeast Texas.

When life goes everywhere, modern prirobory continue to work. Think about it.

Sheet of plywood should be fully enough to protect you from radiation.

Try to set a world record for the absorption of radiation groin area, the current world record of 5 minutes 12 seconds.


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