Contender for the title eight wonder of the world

Peter - the capital of Edom or Idumea, and later the capital of the Nabataean kingdom, the main city of the sons of Esau. The city is located in Jordan, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and 660 meters above the surrounding terrain, the Arava Valley.
Peter is a majestic cliffs of red sandstone, which cut quaint porches that look like Roman architecture. Monks often built their homes in caves, and they always look amazing. Peter differs from such buildings that is a real work of architectural art. Impression of the facade is enhanced unusual color rock he oddly poured all shades of red, pink and orange.
Despite the fact that Peter is attracting increased attention, until now no one can say who, when and why built this masterpiece. Modern archaeologists have not yet investigated more than a third of all the buildings and corridors to the depth of the rock, and yet can only admire what they saw and speculate.


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