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Each year, the British Museum presented the award to the best wildlife photographers. This year, this prestigious contest was sent more than 43,000 works from around the world. I suggest you get acquainted with the most successful of them. This year's prize winner was the photographer Greg du Toit with a unique frame elephant at the watering.

Winner in the category "Creativity" with a photo of the Snow Monkey during a snowfall in a wonderful park monkeys Dzigokudani Japan

The applicant in the category of "natural habitat." The work of Michael Nichols - shot the lions from the Serengeti.

The winner in the category of "natural habitat." Polar bear in ice water.

A special prize was awarded to this photo of an owl in British Columbia.

Special award for picture of endangered species. These frames cost the Japanese photographer of many years of work, 74 days standby, and lost health! The Amur tiger is in the nature of the Russian Far East.

The applicant. Crocodile caught a green turtle in the Corcovado National Park on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

The applicant. Vulture in the Kalahari National Park.

The winner in the category of "The Birds." He took a picture of terns, trapped in spider webs in the Seychelles. Even if she chooses, silk, feathers and clog it can not fly. Only the intervention of a man saved the bird.

The applicant. The family of gorillas.

A special prize was awarded to Fox Photo. Catch it to jump the mouse was the most difficult part.

2nd place in the category "Mammals". Endangered crested macaques can be found only on the island of Sulawesi.

The applicant. Crow on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

This photo won in the category of photojournalism. Despite an international ban in 1989 for shooting elephants, they continue to kill: from the world's livestock 400 thousand. - 20-30 thousand. Copies a year. The main culprit of the murder referred to as China - where the main demand for the tusks. Since the ban on the killing of elephants for 23 years they have killed at least 400 thousand. Turnover tusks of elephants every year up to 500 million. Dollars.

Winner in the category "Mammals". The photographer caught the moment clashes between female and male jaguar.

Winner in the category "Cold-blooded animals." The beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are traditional nesting endangered green turtles.

Winner in the category of young photographers. Mother crocodile with cubs on her head.

The winner in the category "Landscapes" was our great wildlife photographer Sergei Gorshkov photo volcano eruption Flat Tolbachik on Kamchatka.

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