Kiev underground

We often supply information about the dungeons of Moscow, an intense underground life in the tunnels of the Moscow Metro. Even well-fiction books written. And in the genre fentezi. And in the genre kondovogo realism. Some of this information - obviously nonsense. There are some really interesting facts.
In Kiev, too, have their own dungeons with its history, ghosts and roaches. Compare and measure with the neighbors will not. Just a note on the fact - there is a vast network of underground utilities. Shoot it hard enough, because to compete with a tripod, the camera is protected from moisture, flashlights with colored filters, and at the same time to stay in a waterproof suit - not for the faint of heart and slabotelyh.
Diggers just strong in body and spirit. They like to remove the dungeons of Kiev, to investigate this "bottom". For the most part - the young guys. (Who would doubt)

Bunker. So that the scale was more understandable on some photos there are people. Such a "unit»


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