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On the Russian part of the bay, there is Moscow, and has near and far suburbs. Or in the same spirit. Of course, referring to the wild on the contrast between the capital and the rest of the territory. In principle, no arguing suprotiv truth. But contrasts - they are taking place everywhere. Get at least a business and cultural centers, even quite affluent cities and compare them with areas of extreme. I'm not talking about the favelas of Rio and Sao Paulo.
Egypt is no exception to this series. There Cairo, Alexandria, untwisted seaside resorts. And the pyramid with sphinxes, where the same without them. There are quite a different Egypt. Dusty and not particularly priglyadny. But perhaps this is the real country. One that does not comb to the masses of tourists coming. This Statement outback. Walk to a small town about a hundred kilometers from Sharma.
What could be better at the start than to meet something painfully familiar. Such, for example, as a classic of the Togliatti automobile plant.

With gasoline is no problem. There are problems with the lack of it. And quite often. Maybe because it is too cheap? The queue at the gas station - a phenomenon quite normal

Oh, and for the diesel engine can line up at all monstrous column length in a couple of kilometers.

Hinting that this pharmacy

Replacement transport. In Europe, carry bikes and scooters. Here - camels.


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