Mowgli. Version for girls

How to become Mowgli in the modern world? Well, that is not quite so in a complete break with the benefits of civilization, but with the maximum unity with wildlife. With most wild, according to some experts. That is, with the African.
Yes, and all should be, it is a business, being born in a family of photographers priordy wild as it turned out at Tippi Degré. She was born in 1990 in a little family that lived during her childhood in the desert. Well, working parents such. And for the baby - the most that neither is it. What does a child need? Complete freedom - one of the important points. Including freedom of choice of friends. Remember the classics of the genre "is not suitable for your boyfriend / girlfriend»?
Do baby Tippy this issue was not. Therefore, she was friends with almost all the local fauna - from the elephant to the mongoose and on leopard toads and up. And hugging and playing with them for the girl was as natural as for the rest of Tiscali with dolls or playing soldiers. Little scholar studying his house full of wonders and succeeded like few of adult fails. Maybe due to childish - who knows. It may well be. I can hardly imagine an adult, just as quietly sitting or lying next to the leopards and lions, or joyfully embracing a toad or a snake. And for Tippy was organic and natural, because all of these running and crawling were her friends.
Now Tippy university studies in Paris at the faculty of cinema. We wait-with.














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