Gap pattern

Can a real man cry? Yes, God knows. It is clear from childhood laid stereotype of the "present." There's just a fad, this is indicated in bold. "Do not cry." Never and nowhere. Do not, under any circumstances. Allowed "avaricious man's tears", which can be run from the corner of his eyes, punching his way through a week-long bristles.
So he and the stereotype. A creative people these stereotypes just avoided. And this very favorably with those stereotypes cherishes and nurtures.
Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood, removes celebrities, decided to break the pattern in which the protected segment and show that the heroes and celestials not lose its charm and appeal, if you allow yourself to cry. Even more human somehow become something.
And who among us, tough and courageous, can currently say that never blew away a tear. Statement will not lie. There Were.
In the course of filming, as if it had problems with the "cry", with tears, as he gave an emotional background actors without problems. I do not know. Everything seems to be very organic. Personally, I'm very impressed with Farrell and Cage.

Well, Leo DiCaprio - is also a master of this case

Daniel Craig is also good. Impressed.

A very discreet Tim Roth


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