5 Laws of Life.

1. The Law of emptiness. It all begins with emptiness. Emptiness must always be filled.

2. LAW barrier. Opportunities are not given for the future. Decision must be made to cross the barrier as a conventional obstacle. Opportunities are given after an internal solution. Cherished desires are given to us with the forces for their implementation.

3. The Law of the neutral position. To change, to stop., And then change direction.

4. law to pay. Need to pay for everything: for the actions and omissions. What will be more expensive? Sometimes the answer is obvious only at the end of life, dying on the bed - expensive fee for inaction. Avoiding failure does not make a person happy. "In my life there were many failures, most of which never happened & quot; - the words of the old man's sons before his death.

5. The law of similars. Like attracts like. In our life there is no random passers-by. We attract to the wrong people, which want to attract, and those who like us.


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