Five laws of Love

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Five laws Lubniewice Elements Vodickova we say the word “Love” in our head goes through a whirlwind of images. From the tender words, the passionate confessions. From a complete sense of silence, to sadness before parting. From the secret funny nicknames, to the first smile of their first child.Love fills our lives.

It always comes unexpectedly and changes everything.

It grows, grows, blossoms and bears fruit.

We are waiting for her. Sad without her. Sad when she leaves.

And she works magic, turning a completely unknown person in the most important, most expensive.

Love sustains the Relationship. The one that was given to us by fate: our parents and all who came before them.

Love creates a Bond. One that was not up to us: our loved ones, with whom our fates are intertwined.

Love continues the Relationship. The one that leads to the lives of our children. To the flow of life to continue indefinitely.

If Love flows freely, if it does not interfere with “barriers” and limits, we can say that our life happy. We feel a connection. We are doing it.

And to make it happen, we need to know the Laws of Love. Because Love is nature. And it also has its natural laws. They act on us, even if we do not know about them. And if they are violated, disturbed and the flow of Love.

In order to touch the laws of Love, just get out of the Tarot deck the ACE of Cups. Peering into it, carefully feeling the way you respond to this great Archetype of your Soul. He's The Root Of The Element Of Water. It is a symbol of Love and the creation of its spaces. It contains the secret of the unending stream is born!

Five Laws Of Love

Lessons Root Воды1. The Law-Making

We attain it when we accept life as a gift from parents. Simply so. No way. And in this space we learn the wisdom that Love is a Gift. For it is not necessary to give anything in return. It didn't have to work. We do not have to! He gets to us, like all other people. And we need to just accept. And to say “Thank you!”

If in our lives the law is broken, we can't accept anyone's love.

If you still resent your parents (both or one), if you have them you have a complaint if you feel guilty before them, or due to meet some of their requirements. If you constantly look at what is now called the “childhood trauma”. If you find it difficult to sincerely and from the heart to say “Mommy (or daddy), I'm the same as you do.” If your relationship with your parents is no free and easy “Thank you”. In this case, you have violated the Law of Adoption. And you will not be able to accept love from anyone else. You may feel that you take it. But you will always be vague (or explicit) feeling you owe something to a man for his love.

2. The law of self-Love

We grasp it when you grow up and make our own play of Life. We learn to perceive themselves as a part of this beautiful world. We see that the world is good. And we are also good. We — okay. We — safe.

Yes, we may be wrong, because it is not perfect. Yes, we can make ugly behavior. But mistakes become our valuable experience. And the ugly things we can fix. But at the heart of our nature — we are prosperous and good.

If in our life, this Law is violated, we infinitely will look for compensation and proof of love.

If you find it difficult to easily, freely and with interest to talk about what you like, appreciate and respect. If you often kick yourself. If you often suspect their loved ones that they have not enough love. If you are prone to jealousy and mistrust. In this case, you have broken the Law of Love. And you will not be able to see in your favorite free and separate being from you. You will need it as the crutch as the crutch. So he did your work for you. And for him, in the end, it will be an unbearable burden.

3. The Law Of Giving

We find him in moments of generosity. When someone touches our soul knows what. And we want to do something for that person. Simply so. Not expecting anything in return. We want to make him happy. Because it is so natural, so wonderful, and so is the consonance of mind our Nature!

If in our life, this Law is violated, we cannot respond with love to love. We can't give love. In the us it's like a internal counter that we should get in return.

If you are familiar with the judgment: “I was already in love, stop! Suppose now that love me!” If you have a large list of requirements “What has to be the one who I will allow myself to love”. If you choose a man as a commodity. Then you have violated the Law of Giving. And you will not be able to be in a free, selfless, ever-increasing exchange of Love with her beloved. Yes and loved it will be quite difficult to call. Moreover, over time, your list of requirements is becoming more and tougher. That often ends with the final remark “Good men extinct”.

4. The Law Asks

We understand the Law, when clearly aware of the fact that we need other people. Yes, we need them to feel a connection, a sense of ownership. And when we realize this, we understand that other people aren't our parents. They don't have to guess about what we need them. So we need to learn them to report it. Sometimes directly and openly asking for help.

If you find it difficult to ask others about something. If you don't tell your beloved what you want about them. Or that you don't like what you are not satisfied. If you think that they have everything to figure it out and see your hidden desires. If you think that they should not burden their requests, and that you are able to cope on their own. If you don't want to be a burden. In this case, you have violated the Law asks. And your favorite is hard, because they won't get signals from you about its usefulness. They won't feel that important to you and necessary for you. And you, in the end, will feel frustration and anger because nobody in the world can't guess all what we want and need. Even if it does some time it seems.

5. The Law Is A Valid Waiver

This Law we discover when we offer the love we not want to take. Or when our love ended, a love partner is still alive and strong. And then we need sensitive and respectful to report: “I'm sorry, but I won't (or “won't”) to accept it. I have nothing to give in return. And if I'm going to pretend this is so, then I lie”

If you find it difficult to say “No”. If you generally difficult to refuse. If you regret your partner (or someone who's in love with you) and think “how is he, poor thing, get over it.” If you are inclined to feel guilty. If it is a frequent visitor and almost background. Then you have broken the Law in a respectful refusal. And your life slowly filled with lies. Lie to ourselves and to other people. And lying is the antithesis of Love. She settles in those places where the Love goes away.

These five fundamental Laws. They maintain a clean and bright source of Love. They make possible free flow. Even when the relationship ends.

They fresh spring to our Souls. Immerse yourself in these Laws again. Look into the wonderful depth of the Bowl. It is the wisdom of the ages, izvestnosti symbols and signs. So it is clear that the female soul.

And let your source of Water and grant you the revelation of true Love! published 

Author: Alena Oleshko


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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