When you need to transplant an Orchid

A healthy Phalaenopsis Orchid is in need of a transplant do not more often than every two years. By the time the transplant pot for her Sak a rule, becomes cramped, and the substrate in the pot is decomposed and compacted so that it can no longer adequately pass to roots air.

Repot the Orchid, it is desirable during the period favorable for its growth and flowering is from February to October. Plant with well-developed root system, transplant easily and quickly restored. Another time to repot an Orchid unless absolutely necessary is not worth it.

To transplant an Orchid is best in a transparent pot with lots of drainage holes. This pot will allow the roots along with leaves, to participate in the process of photosynthesis, and allow you to monitor the status of the root system.

If you transplant a healthy plant, take the pot a little bigger if a large number of shortened roots less.

Orchid roots need air, so as the substrate, use the pine bark the size of 1.5-2 cm, Such a substrate has the necessary breathability and dries quickly after watering. Sphagnum moss in it is optional, they can only cover the surface of the substrate, so it does not dry out too quickly.

The process of transplanting orchids is simple, but has its own characteristics: it needs to be transplanted only after the full clearing of roots from the old substrate. To pieces of bark easily separated from the roots, which tend to cling thereto and to the walls of the pot, the Orchid on the eve of the transplant, liberally pour or put a pot plant in a large container of warm water for about an hour.Cleansed of the old substrate the roots carefully inspect. If you find any dead or rotten (healthy roots are firm and dense to the touch, rotten — soft), cut them with scissors until healthy tissue. Slices roots sprinkle activated charcoal or gray. If the rotten roots will be many, stems remove.

Gently place the Orchid in the new pot and fill with bark voids between the roots. To ensure that the substrate is evenly distributed in the pot, uplotnaet the bark with your fingers or gently postukivanie pot on the table surface. Those roots which before the transfer were above the surface of the substrate, try to leave naked and after transplantation.

Transplanted the Orchid place for 2-3 weeks in shading place. A few days do not water to the wound on the damaged roots have time to heal. published

Author: Alexander Rastorguev, florist with experience

Source: sazhaemvsadu.ru/kogda-peresazhivat-orxideyu/


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