Everything you need to know about the flowering of orchids: the secrets of proper care!

Orchid is a favorite plant of many Housewives. That just does not make the fair sex to their green beauty as often as possible threw out the stems. Someone buys an effective fertilizer, someone makes "shock therapy" of the flower, leaving the plant at some time in the dark room.

Today our editors talk about the most simple tricks, which will help the Orchid to delight you with blooms almost all year round. I hope you need our advice.

How to care for orchids bought in the store
  1. Find out the age of the plant
    If you have purchased a plant and it is in no hurry to delight you with blooms, it is likely that the Orchid is too young. To determine the age of the green beauty, it suffices to count the number of shoots. In the adult plant, which is fully ready to bloom they should be from 5 to 8. In the case of the flowers ahead of time, the Orchid may not have the strength to recover.

  2. Not switch the plant
    Mark a specific place on the windowsill for each flower. In any case don't move the pot with the plant. After the change of residence for orchids is a real stress test. Orchid responds to light. So if you want to move pots, you should place the plant with the same side to the light source, where it stood before.

  3. Watch the state of the root system
    All Orchid lovers know that the roots of this plant take an active part in the process of photosynthesis. So you should place the Orchid in a ceramic and in a transparent pot.

  4. Make sure to ask about the lighting
    Sunshine is one of the important factors that affects flowering orchids. Without the full light of day (10-12 hours a day), this plant will not throw away the stalks. Therefore, in the cold season should extend daylight for the plants with the help of special lamps. If it is not possible to buy such, you can use ordinary energy-saving lamp white light. It is practically not heated, and it can be placed a few inches above the leaves.

  5. Organize a small temperature difference
    The impetus for the flowering Orchid may be a slight difference between night and day temperatures. Therefore, it is desirable that the night temperature was 5-6 degrees lower than during the day. Of course, the winter will be difficult to arrange such conditions for the plant, but from late spring to early autumn Orchid can be kept outdoors. In the cold season is as often as possible ventilate the room. Do it gently, as capricious Orchid is afraid of drafts.

  6. Properly water an Orchid
    Watering orchids — a ritual. So the plant feel good, you need to water it only when the soil completely dries out. Ideally, irrigation water should be rainwater, but you can also use conventional, pre-boil them it. In any case it is impossible to water the plant with water from the tap! The chlorine contained in the water, just will burn the roots of plants.


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