You have probably seen this spray in the store... next time, you will surely buy it!

Each family house has a lot of detergents for cleaning, dishwashing, carpet cleaning, plumbing and for other purposes. But surely all dream about one the superfunds, which handle all domestic concerns.

There really is such a versatile toolthat copes with many challenges. It's oily spray WD-40. Previously it was only available in the industrial sector, and is now sold in almost every supermarket. About how to use it, you will be happy to tell editors "Website".

Universal spray
  1. Remedy for spots
    Easily removes stains from carpets. Expose a small amount to the contamination and after a minute wipe clean with a cloth. Suitable for any nappy texture.

  2. Drives away insects and birds
    If you don't like that pigeons and other birds always sit in certain places on your property or even living with you, spray their habitat "vadskoy". Birds don't like the smell, and they're not going to bother. So wasps are not settled in the attic, splash there all the secluded spots this spray. Thus you protect yourself from possible invasion. Also, if you have removed a hornet's nest, then be sure to apply it place the tool so that the insects never came back! Even the spray is easy to cope with cockroaches and spiders.

  3. Impregnation for shoes
    Put on shoes with WD-40, give me a few minutes to absorb. The excess blot with a tissue. Thus your footwear will be waterproof, which is very useful in the winter when the roads are sprinkled with salt. But this method is not suitable for suede & textile shoes.

  4. Remove traces of glue
    If you need to remove from the surface the label, sticker or glue residue, apply to the desired location "Badescu". Wipe with a sponge and clean! This spray dissolves easily and practically without a trace remove even very strong adhesives.

  5. Antifreeze
    You can't influence the weather and cancel the winter cold. But you are definitely able to apply a coat of WD-40 on the exterior surface of the glass. Your Windows will always be clean and will not freeze.

  6. Cleaning of sanitary ware
    On the shelves of hardware stores are whole series of different tools for removing lime scale and other deposits. Just spray WD-40 on the wall of the toilet bowl, a shower enclosure or tile. Wipe the surface with a cloth, and plaque won't form.

  7. The restoration of scissors
    Over time, the thread scissors can appear rust or accumulate dirt, which they do not cut well. Apply the tool to the cutting surface, and a pair of scissors will cut like new.

  8. Cleansing the walls
    An indispensable thing for those who have small children. After all, how do they like to paint the walls! In this case, spray WD-40 comes to the rescue: you have crucified him on the ruined wall and wipe with a dry cloth. But keep in mind that the product can leave grease stains, so only suitable for glossy surfaces.

  9. To remove the ring
    Our bodies have the ability to increase and decrease, and often do it first. If one day you found that familiar ring already does not want to get off your finger, then use this magic weapon. A couple of drops for lubrication, the ring will easily slide off without any noticeable effort and pain.

  10. Removal of chewing gum
    This situation happens not too often, but in case the occurrence turns into a nightmare. Well stuck the gum to pull out difficult. Simply apply on hair WD-40. Of course, it is necessary to protect eyes and respiratory organs. Some time later, the foreign object can be easily comb out with a brush or a comb.

Here is a wonderful tool. And the best part is that is spray WD-40 is very cheap. But how it is multifunctional and as well solves many household problems!

Be sure to buy and tell friends!

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