As the old saying: "A man will know when to him a peck of salt with a spoon rashlebat" and not casual. Sol - the most important food product, without which it can not be normal life of people and animals, but small daily requirement of salt, hinted at long-term relationships necessary for the eating pounds of salt. And what else have you heard interesting things about salt?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) - food. The hammer is as small white crystals. Sodium chloride is virtually always a natural origin has impurities other mineral salts which may give it different colors shades

Salt is vital for human life, as well as all other living beings. Salt is involved in maintaining and regulating water and salt balance in the body, sodium-potassium ion exchange. Thin biological mechanisms maintain a constant concentration of sodium chloride in the blood and other body fluids.

The predominant source of sodium is a fossil rock salt. For a number of countries is of great importance sedimentary salt brine produced from marine lagoons, salt lakes and natural brines. The largest salt mine in Europe, is located near the city of Artemovsk in Ukraine.

Global resources NaCl on land are enormous and are not less than (3, 5-4, 0) h1015 tons, and in the oceans in every cubic meter of water contains on average about 27, 2 kg of NaCl. Generalized information about the world's reserves of sodium are absent because of the complexity and diversity calculations.

According to the World Health Organization, a systematic technique of excess compared to normal physiological amounts of salt leads to high blood pressure and as a result - to a variety of diseases

In many European countries and US states deployed program to explain the devastating effects of the abuse of salt. In England, passed a law requiring the report to the labels of food products on the salt content. Finland has managed to reduce their salt intake by one-third, so that the death rate from strokes and heart attacks decreased by 80%

Ordinary table salt in large quantities is a poison - lethal dose 100 times the daily rate of consumption and is 3 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight, that is, for a person weighing 80 kg lethal dose is a quarter pound pack.

Salt-free diet is used only for medical purposes and is carried out under the supervision of a specialist. It is indicated for diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. During the diet weight loss can occur due to loss of water as a result of reducing the concentration of salt in the body.

In the spring of 1648 in Moscow there was a Salt Riot, caused by excessively high tax on salt. Millennia ago, salt was so expensive because of the war it arranged. Now salt is the cheaper of all known food additives, except for water.

Divination by means of salt have been known since ancient times referred to as alomantiya.


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