Daddy's day

More than a century ago, but rather 19 June 1910, the first Father's Day was celebrated. In honor of his parents, who managed to raise six children alone (their mother died in childbirth Jr.), this festival has established a resident of Spokane, which is located in Washington State. Sonora Smart was very grateful to his father William for the care and upbringing, and so decided to thank him, and along with all the caring dad.
A little more than half a century later, in 1966, the third Sunday of June became a national holiday in the United States. Many countries, for which family values ​​are not empty words, this festival also included in the list of nation-wide. Britain, France, the Netherlands, has a number of European countries carried out the program of support to low-income fathers, who single-handedly raising their Kinder.
In Ukraine, it is considered to be superfluous, and therefore compassionate International Centre of Fatherhood did everything in his power to help start this initiative in our country. It would be nice. Hand on heart, we have this issue all the attention of the brackets. A Pope kids very necessary.
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