The steering of the astral

Recently, the magazine «SA Scientific Journal» published an interesting post about an interesting discovery. A group of scientists from the University of Cape Town, was able to establish the fact of mind control human astral entities. This could be confirmed by examining the aura.
The results of studies was given the highest level of secrecy. However, there have been attempts to withdrawal information. With photos aura of derivative method Kirlian familiar mnogie.Posle improvement method have the opportunity to observe the dynamics of these fields. In addition, there are many works that support the dynamic relationship of this field with the psycho-physiological state of man.

Scientists at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, which included scientists with years of experience in researching paranormal phenomena and fixing aura, led by PhD Ngungu Tobago, has revolutionized the understanding of the values ​​of these fields to humans.

Research methods developed by scientists, and invented a device which issued US patents, № US 5, 253, 984 B1, allow registering aura dynamics of biological objects. The experimental study led to the discovery sensational for the world community.

Studies have not yet finished, however, most of them classified, as a result of studies suggest. relating to the assessment of the behavior of people.

Despite this, some of the results of studies it was impossible to hide. In the early stages of research to test the methods and apparatus were attracted a large number of people from whom the results of experiments it was impossible to hide.

As a result of these studies has been proven a direct relationship with a person astral entities.

Paranormal researchers have repeatedly tried to fix ghosts, poltergeists and other so-called astral beings on the film. Despite the fact that some of these attempts have been very successful, the official science still puts the reality of such images in doubt.

A team of scientists from the University of Cape Town has proved a real opportunity to obtain such images, which is confirmed by a US patent. As a result of the improved method of Kirlian, they received not only a clear fixation of astral objects, but also to investigate their dynamic characteristics, such as the dynamics of the radiation spectrum and their constituent fields.

As a result, studies have provided evidence that confirm the direct interaction of astral beings and the human aura, and reveals some of the behavior of astral entities. Were obtained photos that allow you to see how the "penetration" into the human aura.

To ensure the purity of the experiment, and so as not to arouse suspicion, the pictures were made in the laboratory, which was disguised as a photo studio, as well as in the famous design studio.

As a result of studies, it was found that the fields are of variable intensity astral. Initially, this was attributed to statistical fluctuations. However, more detailed investigations have shown that these fluctuations are correlated with harmonics of the modulated signal, and analysis showed that they interact with human brain activity biolektromagnitnoy and affect it.
Scientists were able to fix the steps of "penetration" astral entities in the human aura. In the early stages of "penetration" is a synchronization of internal rhythms with the rhythms of the astral "victim", resulting in gains access to the astral aura of the "victim". After Astral penetrates the "victim" under its influence is changing the internal rhythms of "victims».

As a result of comprehensive research conducted in collaboration with psychologists and psychoanalysts, shows a clear relationship between these fluctuations and psychophysiological reaction of people who participated in the experiments.

Despite the fact that most of the research results were classified, the information that was obtained in the early stages of research, leads to certain terminals.

Astral beings can be divided into two types: "black" and "clean", which differ in the intensity of luminescence in the spectral composition of the emission and dynamic characteristics. People affected by these entities in different ways. "Black" essence constantly trying to penetrate the human aura. "Pure" - such activity generally do not exhibit.

The resulting relationship between psychophysiological state and activity of "black" entities also differ from the effects of the "pure" entities according to the degree of human exposure. Most often, the impact of "black" entity is unwarranted aggression, which is not adequate to the situation.

The experiments showed that under the constant influence of such entities is a large number of people.

A number of psychological and medical tests, study of the reactions of the people involved in the experiments on certain specially created a situation allows us to study the stability of psychophysiological state. Has been proven relationship between psychophysiological state and "purity" of his aura, its exposure to "penetration".

In order to confirm the findings, conducted statistical studies of large groups of people, consisting of representatives of the various categories of prisoners in prisons, to businessmen and politicians gathered to discuss various issues.

To ensure the purity of the experiment, the subjects were completely in the dark, and the researchers posed as journalists taking interviews. For adequate behavioral asked questions have been specially trained psychologists.

Studies were also carried out at the summit in Johannesburg in 2002. The conclusion was stunning: "Almost all businessmen and politicians who are at the summit in Johannesburg, were" infected "astral entities". These results shocked the scientists!

It was found that the greatest number of "black" entities partially or totally penetrated the aura of politicians and businessmen, the number of which is many times the number of "infected" prisoners. "Infected" Astral were many politicians around the world of the highest rank.

Thus, as a result of statistical studies have been confirmed by the findings of scientists that a large number of people are continually exposed to "black" the astral plane, which control the mind and behavior. Most often, these "make another" there are politicians and businessmen.

If we consider that "like attracts like" pure thoughts and feelings, love for one's neighbor - the best protection against the penetration of the "black" astral entities.


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