Sales of spare parts

Dear lady and gentlemen!

We offer a range of items, many of whom will die forever in the depths of the garbage can, if not urgently changed ownership.

Description - under the cut!

1. yellow struts in the trunk. From the 99, but go and 8-9 with a small trunk kickoff. Was bought with it a new, bolted, twisted, and did not train. 1,100 rubles. Exactly the same standing on the car of Elvis Presley and support for the stereo was worth 30 thousand denominated baksoff.Tolko him (no, it) it was pink, the color is not serious. Therefore, we offer him (spacers) in this colore tyuninha - Zsolt. hurry to buy.

2. Pistons from 8s Rubens Barrichello wife. For Rubbi his wife all the best buys. Not surprisingly, the powerful 8-valve engine was fitted with his wife by these pistons. The best traditions of AvtoVAZ 121 mm elegant design combines with the pistons offset by a finger in the entire 3.5 mm, forged in the MAMI. The wife will appreciate this kit and generous podaarok husband. Therefore, in the morning happy, but sleepy Rubbi again merged qualification. Now, these pistons can buy you. Mileage 7000, not much was killed hon, rods under the 2nd finger on a rich mixture (Rubbi stsuko greedy lil 8-ku definable fuel), therefore, smoked. I'll give everything for 600 rubles. Heart rip (wife Rubbi).

Circumstances have changed. Since rods Group 1 can not find, I was on the set of the first shared in the same group.

3. Stretching red (ie sports). 250 p. Nothing about it I will not say, because Vladimir Cherevan when wrung from his war machine, only an empty avaricious man's tears, sighed and said nothing.

4. Protection of the crankcase. Stoke. From hromvanadiytitanmolibdena based nanofiber-reinforced polyester composite with a mixture of diamond grit From submarine pressure hull type Dolphin. 150 p. or offer beer (5 Battle levenbrau).

5. Fan the 10th, radiator 8th carb. Stranded on a souvenir enthusiastic lifeguard rescue aircraft, etc., landed in the Hudson. Few people know that the plane passed MOT and tuning at the best special on Boeing in the world - Uncle Lesha of Nakhabino. It is this part, as established in the cooling turbine, helped at a critical moment. Promoted 10th fan helped to hang the machine to the Gulf, while the engines idle. All this fun will give for 800 p, the state, of course, good.

6. The seven-league boots 8th (out of a fairy tale). Traction steering almost new. Themselves a little rusty, but stsuko fast. 7 miles covered in one fell swoop, if good swing. The winners of the Australian Open Championship on throwing boots. 5 levenbrau (25 p. In Auchan).

7. Golden Cylinder ATE. 999 and nine in the sample period. From the collection of the Diamond Fund Rosii. He did not give up there nafik, so the keeper Uncle Peter sold me for two bottles of vodka. But I stsuko greedy, so cheaper 4 levenbrau not give up.

8. Set a real boy. Bro, under your new cap blue sweat pants and you can afford to stick gearshift lever and handbrake right color. 3 levenbrau and you are the real man in Voropaevke. Katya and Masha and Baba Klava - yours !!!

9. The filter housing. Zero or zero. In general, because no stock of 10s. 5 hp + 1, 2 kg of the time, 6 + Experience, + 2 mana. Decorate any brand and CMOs. Unpretentious and easy to install, completely harmless to children and pets. It does not contain dyes and preservatives. Shelf life is unlimited. 2 levenbrau.

10. Flywheel 8th kostmas. From the second stage booster rocket Proton. 2 zhdy been orbiting the Earth in 86 and 92 years. With autograph cosmonaut Gherman Titov (erased truth stsuko). The teeth of the crown did not hurt. I'll give so go take - buy me a bottle (or 2) levenbrau.

11. Inlet receiver with drocherom. 16 valve, 1.5 liter. Best seller in the sex shops and cafes of Amsterdam. Versatile, suitable for both men and women. It has a health certificate, and the dispenser of smoke standard size. 700 p.

12. The exhaust manifold 16 valve 1.5 liter with a reception pipe. Bestseller stores series Young Skinhead Berlin. As is also used for non-traditional uses, in addition to the complete screen whip, handcuffs and lubricant. A small surface rust only adds sensations. At the same time as their primary application, allow perfectly to confront riot police, blue helmets, Swat and mice - rockers from Mars. 250 p. or beer

13. Power. Power. Energy. Hard sunlight and lightning breaking element, roughness and breaking hurricane fury raging ocean. Girls do not talk about you, exchanging views on the guys in such cherished and inaccessible to your toilet cubicles on the second floor of Philology? You're sad shit with intelligent mug Dad's and grandfather's glasses in frame? You meet her birthday on file Lenin Library? Your friends go to bed at 8? Your last meeting was 11 years old when you informed tse-Class portfolio? You are the life of a nerd, and corn on the right hand does not pass ever? Become a real macho. Buy yourself a little legend. Orange extravaganza of St. Petersburg rough macho (yes, there are not all completely frozen icy chilly wind). Sports Plaza, with low mileage (no more than 15 thous. Km) strike devchenok stem thickness and strength of pressure. Buy and body of my father's 9-ki '87 will not clang on the pavement when you finally will. Total 1000 ye and all your problems in the past.
PS for all the other 700 p. together with a box. Approx.

14. A set of 2 gears 8 runoff ve. The new and the old. Trite, even I do not want to write. 1 beer. Indispensable when you create a manual coffee mill and flour great fit to suit WALL-old son on New Year's holiday. They can be simply worn around the neck, and his favorite, Goa you will understand. they can be sharpened like a star and kill a neighbor who stsuko, breaks from work early to take your place at the house. And the followers of the cult of man-made disaster and roll the coming Day of Judgment you a lot of money, if you say that this is the main tibia bearing gear Terminator T800 interface Arnie Schwartz.

15. Spacer carburetor. Correct. Very correct. Wrap electrical tape. Also very correct. What is typical - will rise in your pelvis without problems, noise and dust. Give your favorite car kalhoz. Take 2-3 levenbrau. You do not care, and she was pleased. Just buy it. Take her. Vladey her. Subdue her. Make her serve you. Let her fears and listen to you! Let her burn with desire and attraction to you. She wants you, just for you! Yes!
Chuvag, relax, spring at all so active. And a neighbor Valya from the 2nd entrance truth you yesterday winked. Do not you show. So buy a broom and go to her tea. And raised me a beer for the tip. And take away the spacer, it is useful.

16. Curve, but the new yellow friend number 15. Also karbovaya and wrong. But pretty and yellow. And like a bow. Bow Robin Hood. He, too, he was a poor man. Nowadays, it is not applicable to the pelvis and traveled to hurt the rich. You pelvis and you hate to lohusah bourgeoisie? This is for you. It will help to cut the rate higher by 1 km / h, surely tumble into the turns, when you will have to catch up in obidki. If it is not at kruchivat under the hood, and put on the sofa back, and when it will catch up. And in general, and it s possible to make a bow. And go to the forest. Or Novoyasenevskaya there, they say, the vacant seat formed ...

17. 3 (16) April 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who arrived incognito at large Paravozov (well, Figl on the train to do, it does not blow) from abroad, pushed it to Finlyadskom station in St. Petersburg. He spoke with a lisp and quiet. And more. And spitting. No one really remembered, moreover, that it is time to take the power into their own hands and destroy all in toilets (ugh, that later he said ... or he did not, they go make out). So. He spoke softly. And people like a drunken show heifers and jesters. To do this, Lenin put on the armored car - and throw rotten tomatoes easier. Here rollback bronevichek then fell to him leader of the wheels, and possibly would have lived better now. But no, firmly stood an armored car. Charge and mechanic Petty Officer Second Class Petrov pulled tightly patenting angliytsky handbrake. So an armored car at this place and stayed. Not able to pull off the parking brake. And in the 70th lover, dissidence and other intellectuals held -schaya retaliation. Simply cables stolen from the monument. And brought to the United States under the guise of the male belt factory Bolshevik. A 95-m cables triumphantly returned home as a gift from the Russian community abroad Moscow synagogue. And the Jews - guys, practical, and that pushed me ieti historical ropes in UP zanedorogo. 3 guess that'll give you. In excellent condition, conservation American, her mother itit ...

18. Bugs Bunny (Bugs Bunny, Eng. Bugs Bunny) - a cartoon rabbit, resourceful, fearless and cheeky. Created by the creative duo of director Tex Avery and Robert MakKimsona animator at the studio Warner Brothers, although public opinion is still attributes the Chuck Johnson (working cartoonist at the same studio). At the moment, Bugs Bunny is the emblem of the company, especially in the field of animation production. According to his biography, he was "born" in 1938 in Brooklyn, New York. Famous for adventure, in which he easily defeats all enemies and Brooklyn accent and the phrase "What's up, Doc?» [What's up, Doc?]. Bugs Bunny voiced by M. Blank. (Wikipedia). This item has never Bunny Rabbit was evil, cruel and ruthless. And I run a lot and fast. A soft tractive connection 10th, Valeo with a tiny city and the slow, able Pts. Good, but without bearing 900 p. Not to be confused with cheap Finnish chemistry called oil Valio, never any of pastoral cows on the background of mountains and clouds, and from the harsh Finnish guys in respirators and chemical protective suits. However, this further.

19. Shampurs for gophers. Set. Used for professional frying gophers in a Dakar desert. Included 1 pc. circular cross-section, 1 pc. square. Do not leave hungry crew. Preparation: to build a war machine with the add parts to go to Dakar, burrow into the sand, to fill a muzzle navigator, apologize, 3 hours chasing squirrels, to catch a field mouse and give her a gopher. Threaded on a skewer and cook on low heat. To poison and waiting for the helicopter to a stretcher and purgenom.
Includes 2 steel skewers holder orange yellow gum instead poliuretanki steep and 4 washers. 800 p., Good condition. For sale due to transfer of the Dakar to Latin Amerigo. It can be fried cactus. But the best Karlovy Vary in Africa, squirrels you will remember.

20. Black terrible shnyaga in the south-east corner of the pictures. They are 2 pieces. Apparently multiplying. As it turned out I did not know I he has never been lower torpedo. One very, very bare, one with buttons and the cigar lighter. 3 beers for all. Buttons - present retro white. History will not be here, because I myself in shock, where they took me. Lying in the corner and shepchatsya. Infection. Take, and it is terrible.

21. The tunnel floor 15th with an ashtray. Michael Jackson out of the car. Once racial hatred for black eclipsed his love for tazolinkolnokolhozu. All urgent was changed to white skin. The tunnel was thrown in the trash in a filthy quarter of Harlem. 3 years on it slept syphilis Negro musicians. Jazz course. And the blind and the one leg and the Pauper. But good, though alkogolik.Potom waved black prostitute drink whiskey at the bar. She wins a pimp and his Mexican refugees who disappeared 5 years in the United States for the murder of a policeman in his home country. 3 years in the tunnel were taken cocaine, heroin, LSD, barbiturates, acetone, glue time. Then, in the disassembly of Mexicans killed Chinese, and thrown into the Hudson River tunnel to wash away the blood. There he found a dog Jim Carrey. Well, in the final of all married and rejoice, and weep villains. 8 Oscar nominations, five Oscars, 200 million rentals. In the role of dogs Jim Carrey Bruce Willis in the role of the tunnel floor Tarantino, who is also the director. Home Actress black prostituki - Paris Hilton, M. Jackson - A. Shvartsneyger musician - Pamela Anderson after another surgery and a solarium. All the scenes filmed in the summer of winter in Sochi. Curtain. All cry.
3 beer because he was new and did not yuzaniya, current dusty

22. Shock stock pelvis. 2 beers. Mileage thousands 25. Oil. Canvas. End of 90-ies of the 20 veka.Postindustrializm. From the personal collection of works of 18-year-old operatorshi lifting barrier at high booth at the entrance to GSK Environment. Protected by evil pooch. Forgery is punishable by law - beaten hands. Includes one (1) piece. I'll give a nice and good hands.

23. Lever stock. Beer. When you exit the vehicle to escape velocity fluctuation noise esmerovyh fields in n-dimensional hyperspace by the forces aulmera third order leads to the flux of muon-synchronization relativistic particles in a wave pattern during dekatinatsii absolute values ​​of the time dependences. To avoid getting stuck in the stream all the time you need to recoil at the side of the carburetor float chamber in the region. Lever-sharahalka attached.

24. The Miracle of the Soviet defense technology. Computer - ignition octane-corrector 4. The last word in the field of supercomputers tube. 400,000 operations a year, automatic heating filament lamps. The widespread use of nanotechnology (Chubais) and cast iron pans diversified tank factory in Yelnya (C Prapor Shmatko). Not sold in pharmacies! 100% saves fuel, improves to 100% silky hair and fragrance exhaust. Up to 100% - then the effect from 0 to 100, but we have something you believe in the best. Truth? Hurry and call 10 9 perrvyh callers will not get Nichrome. For Kit 1. Both doubtful that works. Perhaps we need to change a couple of lamps. 6 beer.

25. Support the back and the second without a lever. 4 beer. If your girlfriend (wife, in chronic cases, in a very neglected - and even the mother of 3 children) says you are unreliable. What you're young and stupid, that you have in mind only the skirt. It's time to settle down, to throw friends, beer and pelvis. Wash hands with oil and well ... poo soap. Wear a decent suit and go make money aka pchOlko office. Otherwise it will take from you. What does she want reliability, stability that she needs support. Not vedis. Hear her cries in silence and quietly drink beer. The support you have for it already. Even two. Let them choke (for those who like their - read choke, a little). She will do the round eyes. Just I am telling you. As two blyudutsa. And shut up (shut up, shove se language well ... selected depending on the family experience). And while it is silent - feel free to stamp your neighbor Vale from the second entrance. After all, you've done everything as needed for n. 15.

26. The oil filler cap. Current. I'll give a load free. Ie nothing. Hurry. Unique offer. The number is limited. It is not necessary to abandon the slack, we are Russian people, is not it? If you just take zapadlo - I can steal it from me, then the value of the cover will grow at least 4 times to category 0 ++++ all included. Give her mother-in. Let him break his MOSH where it attach. Throw it will vpadlu same as I do, we are Russian people, we have a special way ...

27. Expansion tanks 2 pieces. With the sensor and the brake cover + bachek classic. It was under this name they rodavalis in Russian collections of Sotheby's. Tanks nelopnutye, which gives them a special charm, poignancy and value. The experts agree to the fact that he has to work on. For it is in good condition. What haraterno, they poured antifreeze. And not once did the jar ... fu ... did not write and do not drool. At the auction at once gone over 1 million. Dollars. But then all at once we returned - the Russian Petroleum stupid to buy everything again lohanulis not give auctioneers postebatsya on their knowledge of art cubist Otto Gutfreund.
Then tell someone stuffed nose (according to other sources killed) and tanks returned. Selling for 500 rubles. For a good sensor and cover themselves cisterns strong. 15 or beer.

28. Whistle Titanic. 2 pcs. Replacement naval ship's bell. Silent in the crash, because forgot to include. Therefore, we use once (left photo) on departure from Glasgow. 2 NEVER ships of this type are not included. How much would not on this occasion Guru forums. Hedgehog is clear that all deaf. No ajar forum young, green and flames ... Painted stuff. Mucha did not sit. None of their 3 kilometers under water. Raised by order of Cameroon for the episode where the captain gives a farewell whistle standing at the helm ahead of the wave, which it will flood. But pity the eardrums of the crew and reduced the episode.
Hooters tested for SPL competitions in 2001. Compared with Boeing turbines afterburner. Numerical values ​​will not work - a Boeing blew forth fucking turned on beeps. 5 beers

29. The crankshaft of the Battle penny. It is alive. For motor 21013. Mileage NU Motor ended his days bad. Crankshaft not. 10 beers, bargaining is not appropriate. It weighs more ... See. P. 30

30 cm. Here the link from point 29. 4 Piece Cranks 2101, pistons 3, 4 finger cast for four to beer n. 29. There is a great story Buda, laid me on February 17 this year at the auto vases paragraphs pv. Those who have not lost hope and buy something - boldly shakes down a couple of mouse wheel ... remember something, as we are with Ronaldo on the spear from Peter went.



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