Top 10 horror movies of 2013

At the end of 2013, all begin to sum up, to make a variety of tops, to reflect on the good and bad that has happened in these 365 days, and I, in turn, like a hot fan of movie horror genre, also made the list of the 10 best horror films of the outgoing year. Happy New Year, happiness, health, love, well, in general, everything is as usual. Well, certainly more scary movies!


10th Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Personally, I was expecting a little more from the sequel, but still can not call the film a failure, in my opinion - a new "massacre" with an entirely new scenario, unfortunately, it has lost much of its "charm." Yet, the film does not look bad. Those who are really looking forward to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D», it can be disappointing, but everything else - it might seem a good slasher. Therefore, the film is in our top ranked only 10th place, but still got the list.

9th Mom

"Mama" - an interesting, though not devoid of cliché horror film in 2013 at the age-old theme of ghosts. On the whole, it was very eventful, experiences, problems and attempts to solve them the film, the plot is predictable, though, but looks at one go.

8th You're Next

In general, "You're Next" turned out to fame and great to relax watching it, of course, with a share of stress. In any case, against the background of such thrillers he released some cool history and similarity to "Strangers", and just this ingenious film. Deserved 8th place!

7 of the vessel overnight

Quite a crack thriller with interesting not banal plot, whose budget is modest, but the picture is very good. In any case, the film is worthy of praise, but because of the boring and tighten the start, and inappropriately shaking the camera, the film took only 7th place.

6th Nobody survived

"No one survived" quite bloody spectacle with some very lucky find. The villain here is very good, in such movies are not common. This film I can really be called a good horror. Blood and corpses abound here. Cinema turned tough enough, so I can safely put this film on the 6th place.

5th War of the Worlds Z

Not to say that the "War of the Worlds Z» I was disappointed, but in the wild delight she did, too, failed. Overall, a very good and hearty zombie thriller for a single view, which after dullish "Resident Evil: Retribution" looks like a breath of fresh air.
In general, the film turned out enjoyable for fans of zombies, but not privnesshim nothing new, except for special effects and a new view of the world zombie apocalypse, but the 5th film definitely deserved.

4th Telekinesis

"Telekinesis" - a good picture, but not the best. It is worth seeing the true fans of Stephen King, mysticism and psychology. Well, the 4th place, not too bad.

3rd place Insidious: Chapter 2

For the "Sworn" James tried and summarizing that all were satisfied, concluding that "Astral 2" people will flow, not focused their attention on the second film. The second part of the movie to get all the same terrible, but an order of magnitude weaker than the previous "Astral", so only third place. But about the "Spell" will be discussed later.

Place 2 Spell

In general, the film was very strong representative of his genre worthy of continuing the tradition and skillfully formed and implementing long-established canons. Movie soundly, but not perfect. James Wan once again proved himself a master of modern horror, and thanks to the success of this picture, at least provided himself with work for the next couple of years. I'll be looking forward to his next scary creations.

1st place Evil Dead: The Black Book

Even with the first hint of reprinting the film waited with incredible patience, especially knowing that the hand attached to the project creators of the beloved original trilogy and my expectations were met, in fact the film has turned above all expectations! Puddles of blood, scary faces, dismemberment and cries of pain in most cases cause the viewer creators planned effect. Abundance massacre make your heart beat faster. Classic is back! "Evil Dead: The Black Book," the best horror film not only 2013, but over the past 10 years!



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