Is it worth buying a parts car disassembly?

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Often car owners are wondering how they can save on the repair of your vehicle. Option two: buy analogues or take b/y with averasboro. However, used parts can take and other motorists, but we consider the particular case of motor disassembly. Just note an important point: not all used parts actually fit to buy, and it's not even in their condition. Let's face it.

To take it, but with reservations

Let's start with those parts that are breaking for spares you can buy, but only after careful inspection. Note: all items need to not only see, but if they include dismantling created all the conditions for this, parts and assemblies should be tested on special stands or in the course of the test drive. And to take on dismantling the motorist may be the following:

● Suspension parts, chassis: dampers, beams, bridges, levers, and various actuators. With some caution, you can even take the CV joints, tie rods, rack;
● Body parts: hoods, fenders, bumpers, doors. Here it is necessary to monitor the condition of the parts (small blemishes on paintwork even welcome – the item is not restored) and the thickness of the paint. Here is a very useful thickness of the paint system.
● The engine, transmission. Here everything is simple and difficult at the same time. Most importantly, test drive. It makes sense to take not even used units, and restored (repair);
● Decorative elements. This mouldings, linings, caps, etc.;
● Electrical equipment. It is easier to consider the exceptions, which we will discuss later.

Contacts major disassembly is very easy on a There the motorist will be able to find materials dedicated to the new and even the b/u of spare parts. This information will be especially useful to novice drivers, but experienced drivers will surely find something interesting for himself.

To take or not to take?

The list of parts that disassembly is better not to buy, can get quite large, so that from the idea of making a list we don't. Better list these parts. Never, under any circumstances, buy used brakes! Brakes are a safety of pedestrians, car passengers and the driver. Also categorically it is forbidden to take a new cooling parts such as thermostats, radiators. Their condition is very difficult to assess externally. I advise you to take these things in stores tested and not to save. It is better to choose parts, purchase them and be confident in their reliability.

That avtorazborka definitely not worth taking, so it's a different kind of parts: bushings, dust caps, filters, wiper blades, oil seals, wheel arch liners, fasteners. On disassembly they are 90% fall in wretched condition and the new owner will last weeks or at best months. The same applies to belts, wires – it is better to take in the store.

With great caution we can take the b/u sensors, serviced the batteries, tie rod ends and rack and CV joints. Speaking of electrics: starter motors and generators for parts you can take after thorough checks. In some cases, to disassemble, they come in very good condition.


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