Lie - what else to pay attention?

• Normally, the voice of few people pay attention, because usually it is a small piece of information. But it is also as a person associated with the brain, which is responsible for emotions. Usually people hear your voice only partially, perceiving it a little differently.

• Also pay attention to the pauses that occur in conversation, they may be too long or frequent. Signal of deception can speech errors, use extra syllable repetitions, interjections. Scientists have not yet proved that the change in tone of voice, volume and speed of speech is a sign of lying, here is to focus on the knowledge of a particular person.

• gestures, unlike voice and face are not connected directly with areas of the brain responsible for emotions. Control movements is not difficult, but most people forget about it. In the movements of human movement can be identified logos and illustrations.

• Posters - these movements, the significance of which is clear to all, for example nod. But such movements may be reservations when movement is performed not completely, but only partially in some fragment. These emblems are a reliable sign of a lie.

• The second type of gestures, giving out false, used to refer to anything, when people can not find the right words. The number of these illustrations is always reduced when a person is lying, because he thinks his words carefully and speaks cautiously. Therefore, a small number of movements illustrate says not interested person or excessive caution. Together with other features, this may mean lies.


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