Why lie to children?

Truth and lies are closely intertwined in our lives. Usually we, the adults, are well aware, why distort or conceal the true state of affairs. What about children? What motivates them to come up with a naive improbable stories, expose that sometimes there is no difficulty?

Kids do not lie. Until about the age of four, they do not distinguish between "false" and "true" perceive any statement at face value, do and say whatever they want. To achieve their goals they directly express their desires and emotions - crying or hysterical arrange scandals if parents ignore their requests.

Conscious lie becomes about ten years old, with the emergence of the capacity for reflection. But the period of children's fiction may be delayed if the child has a need for this. Virtuosity lies, he attracts attention to sound better and to earn credibility among peers.

Often, the child is so interested in lies that almost does not speak the truth. To live in a fantasy world, it is easier than real. The reason is that these children do not have enough understanding and sympathy, peers do not take them into your lap.

Aggressive children tend to lie less than obedient good girl. Manifestation of aggression - direct (fighting) or verbal (swearing) - allows, on the one hand, "let off steam" on the other - raise the authority of the aggressor tineydzherskih environment.

Girls are more peaceful than boys, more emotional, irrational and resentful. Therefore, the saving for the image of the lie is found in their environment much more often.

Awareness of lies as such, that is bad, usually causes a specific reaction from the children to make them easy to understand that a child is cheating. For example, involuntary attempt to cover her mouth, excitement and blush on the cheeks, frequent blinking, unwillingness to make eye contact, or, conversely, defiant "honest" look. The child feels guilty, afraid of exposure. To lie sound convincing, it starts to look up words, pronounce them insecure, with an unusual intonation. Who knows, "child" better parents? Pay attention to the nuances of speech, behavior, and everything will fall into place.

Psychologists are advised not to punish the little liar. Analyze the motivation lies. Can you blame yourself? Perhaps your demands are excessive, and lies - children's natural attempt to make your life easier?

Make it clear to the child that there is no need to lie, that you love him, accept and support in any situation. If and to criticize, not the child, and his actions. And do not forget to praise for his sincerity. Because even in a difficult situation, a son or daughter found the strength to all honest and frankly tell her parents.

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