How do Rogachev condensed milk

For many Rogachev the condensed milk - brand, a symbol of love and children. The paradox is that today, when everything in the world has changed, Rogachev produces the same condensed milk that under Brezhnev.

Each Member day plant consumes an average of 650 tons of milk. It is about 25-meter pool at the five tracks.

At the entrance of the transport machines are replaced with shiny tanks. The raw material base extends far beyond the region, the mill employs 70 farms.

Of course, then do not just condensed milk. More - milk powder, baby food, butter, all kinds of curds, yogurt, and other products. But in terms of production of canned milk industrial complex has no equal on the entire Eurasian continent.

Prior to the fall in commodity pipeline companies, the sample is taken to the laboratory. Actually, for us it is the last opportunity to see the milk is "alive».

Then everything happens in the sealed space. At the exit of the box only to see the finished product.

The lab checks the milk for a variety of indicators. If one of them is not satisfied, the machine is "wrapped". Head of canning shop Oleg Samyshin says that this is rare, but it happens.

When a journalist's question pops inveterate "Chernobyl topic" at the mill tired smile: I really do not remember when was the last time something defective for this reason. The strict radiological control ensures each vendor: milk clean, cleaner than many other places.

It turns out that the parameters depend not only on the physical condition of feed and cows.

Oleg Samyshin explained that their psyche is also strongly influenced by the chemistry of the milk:
- Taste can vary not only in different regions, but even in cows that grazed on nearby meadows. Onion, garlic, sorrel, whether raw pasture - all affected. If the increased acidity of the milk may have been recently thunderstorm. - A thunderstorm here at what ?!
- So nervous as a cow.
It appears this is not a fairy tale - about the usefulness of symphonic music.

To penetrate into the plant, it is necessary to put on sterile wraps, caps and treat hands with a special compound - then the turnstile opens.

On monitors in the control room - the technological process.

For us it is incomprehensible numbers and fun lights, and operator - something more informative.

The shops are few, processes are automated. The contents of tank trucks were scattered through the pipes - something soon become sweet condensed milk, something - concentrated milk, something will go to the production of other products.

Vacuum evaporation plant to the profane - piling pipe, huge tanks, sensors.

The essence of the preparation of condensed milk has not changed more than two hundred years - the evaporation of water. But now it's happening in a vacuum. And the process temperature can be reduced more quickly.

Rogachev Dairy Plant only from Kamchatka to the Baltic practicing continuous process of condensation. The history of the enterprise amazing. When the Soviet Union built 25 such plants. He survived only Rogachev. Unique technology affects the taste and consistency. Those who are accustomed to the local condensed milk, immediately feel the replacement.

- When I was in Moscow, I bought a bottle of, say, a local manufacturer. The entire company of hungry students ate a few weeks - not mastered - says Oleg student days. - But when brought to the hostel polkorobki our condensed milk, not eye could blink ...

Substitutes and other udesheviteli is seen as evil. In the classic condensed milk should not be anything extra. The main principle, the basis of ideology - milk and sugar.

At the same time, besides the classics, produce versions with different flavors. That is to say, for an amateur.

Of course, cans - had long been the only type of packaging. We observe how creamy condensed milk is pumped into the 20-kg plastic bags - a spectacle in itself is fascinating. In such a packaging product is sent to the food business. We deduce from hypnosis, so you can follow along.

Go along the conveyor on which overtaking us, banks are moving with the inscription "Sut" - Kazakh order.

Stocks of here as there are none. Temporary storage is continuously replenished through one gate.

Through other content as continuously moved in trucks and cars.

Volumes believe the so-called TUBami - thousand standard cans of 400 grams. Curious dynamics of consumption of canned milk in 2002 sold 45 million plant TUBES, in 2012 - almost three times more.

Rogachevskaya products are sold in 10 countries, including the United States. For each direction - its range. They say that one prefers to Europe, Asia - Other. In Kazakhstan like to add condensed milk in your tea without sugar. Far East loves "Egorka».

Speaking of condensed milk. There are conservatives who prefer to cook it yourself, and sometimes forget about the saucepan on the stove and vykipevshey water ... In Rogachev boiled condensed milk called "Yegor" and is preparing on the same principle - it is brewed directly into banks. Not in the pan, and Giant sterilizer.

Under the award of various forums here allotted a room which, by the way, not rubber. Constantly updated.

- Soon all of the bank covered with medals, titles will not be seen - we can state.
- Make a sticker accordion - calmly utters chief of canning shop.

In fact, all the professional rewards for a long time do not fit on the label. If anything, "accordion" will have to type a few meters. In fact on the label 12 awards.

Upon receipt of the next image is updated. This is another way to detect fake pirates simply not kept up with new awards.

In Rogachev with particular interest are the so-called "popular vote", who love to organize channels. Last year, two lit up in the "test purchases" in the Russian First Channel. Rogachevskaya sgushchenka competing with Russian and Ukrainian counterparts. Both times unequivocally won. We note in Ukrainian show "Badge of Quality" - again the best.

During the war the plant was completely destroyed. When, in 1947, shoveled rubble, workers dug up a few glass sealed foil cups of pre-war production - coffee with condensed milk. Opened try. Actually, all that was, and tried. It turned out, the product is in perfect condition.

Production packaging - a separate song. Produce right bank - the whole affair. Chief Victor Radchikov zhestyanobanochnogo plant on its production could talk for hours.

- Rate - 10 cans per second as a Kalashnikov! - Proudly curled it, showing the line.
From the gleaming sheet metal machine cuts the workpiece turns, brew.

Only seam month leaves 200 tonnes of copper wire. In some cases, steel is covered inside and out with food Tin, in some - a special lacquer.

- And what did you do grooved banks? Uncomfortable same spoon scrape ...

- And I do not need to scrape. Just coffee or tea to splash. A ribbed - because we have tin almost twice thinner than those of other manufacturers. That means we need to give extra rigidity. But saving on metal, and, accordingly, the final price is affected.

By the way, the store price of the bank has approximately one thousand rubles. Tin, by the way, used the thinnest in the territory of the former USSR. In the office of Victor Radchikova bank kept with the label "400,000,000" - a relic. Chetyrehsotmillionnuyu made on the new line four months ago. What it produced all the foreman even afraid to assume - hurt cosmic figures.

That condensed milk Rogachev periodically attempt to tamper with, at the plant is seen as further proof of the popularity. Bad copy will not.

For our return to production in the marketing department just go on the trail of another suspect banks.

Just call alert shopper and reported: "There is a stigma in the country store on the bottom. You'll be examined ».

- Maybe it's just another milk producer. In any case, we find out that so disturbed person. For many, principally to condensed milk was just Rogachev, the other did not recognize.

Head of Natalia Avhadieva shows another "souvenir". She purposefully seeking such says, often fall into Russian.

On the surface - the usual bank. On the label, as expected, the words "Rogachev". I turn, I find refinement in small letters, "Rogachev Farm, the Caucasian region, Krasnodar region».

Indeed, in Russia there is such a farm. What does he - is unclear, but it appears all legal. Well, the manufacturer wanted to mention obscure dying village. And no it is not a pirate and privateer honest.

In fact, convincing fake bank Rogachev difficult. It is theoretically possible, but economically impractical: it is necessary to buy equipment, track marking. Therefore, lime is easy to recognize. Rogachev have sweetened condensed milk bank grooved, thin. Few people know how to do this. Embossed on the bottom, "Rogachev. Belarus ».

Pirates always "play" with the form of the bank: it is flattened, then the non-standard sizes. The color of the label text, fonts, too different. These two - lime.

If you shake the jar and inside something gurgles - fake. Shelf life Rogachev condensed milk - 12 months. Pirates can write and 10 years old - not sorry.



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