Typology of men.

1. Sleepwalker
Perhaps the most abundant species. Man-lunatic can generate several philosophical sayings of the night, and, if desired, also enter into a constructive dialogue. However, the secrets of dormant store absolutely do not know how. Even his.

Pauline: "My husband one night for no apparent reason warned:" Do not touch his left boot! "I am interested, I ask:" And what is there? "He:" Wind. Do not touch". Well, I'm a woman - listen and do the opposite. Climbed all left boots. Breeze never felt, but found one (really left!) Exactly 3 thousand 780 rubles. "

2. Romantic
An endangered species. However, the remaining individuals are still capable of beautiful deeds with the aim to surprise her. Sometimes nice, sometimes not. But always sincere.

Anastasia: "My romantic indestructible once wrote (in the literal, physical sense) in the snow my name. Fortunately it was night, and not a soul around. Full name, however, is not mastered, it is quite long. But enough for two underscores and three exclamation points! What still is subject to her husband's quiet pride. "

3. Patient
In contrast to the "romantic" view is not dying, and dying. Long, solemn and tragic. The male patient is in need of special care, and compassion, support and "chaechke with lemon."

Alain: "My husband, before drinking any tablet suspiciously asks," What is it? "I do not know, cyanide it from me waiting or just remembers you heard that name in advertising, but always ask."

4. The supply manager
Flowing tap lamp burns out or have to hang a shelf? The male caretaker solve all the problems! Whether you like it or not. And never mind that the crane completely derail, the chandelier will have to throw out and fall off the head of the regiment. But all he himself.

Elena: "I'm afraid some of his men's work load. The last time I asked to drive a nail, he was the first blow slammed himself on the finger, jumped in pain and hit his head on the open door. And then another half hated me because I could not help laughing when he was sorry. "

5. Pedant
Yes, they still exist - men who did not throw all clean. So, it would be desirable at times to get out of the house ...

Tatiana: "My husband is washing the whole meal: bananas, tangerines, cabbage ... yogurt. Maybe it is, of course, and rightly so, but then why would not wash a chocolate, a loaf of sausage packaging chips. They are also too all dirty hands touched. "

6. The Thinker
Men of this type - a very delicate nature. They often seek solitude to reflect on the essence of being. A finding, it is carried out in most of the morning.

Anna: "We have every morning toilette procedure lasts exactly 40 minutes. On weekdays, he even gets up early, so as not to break the centuries-old tradition. I asked him many times: "What are you doing in there for so long?»
- I think.
- Why so long then?
- I think about the eternal ... "


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