Typology oldies

Wise, calm and has long been "out there." He is surrounded by his disciples, followers and fans simply, but attention to them any attention. What's the point?

Circumlocution, Shumla, chatty, pot-bellied, great singing "Rowan" and knows all the world jokes. Edakii shalunishka. Loves to flirt with waitresses and saleswomen. Pretends to be steep and dangerous, but in fact afraid of his wife. Loves the country and grandchildren.

Frant, handsome, aware of all the premieres and fashion trends, and memorize all the verses in the world, perfectly compliments and skillfully courting ladies of all ages. Care for and adore ladies of all ages. It is impossible to deny him.

Pros to a hundred years - pros. He neglects sports doctors and a healthy diet, hates lamer, great game in tanchiki and loves beer. He is arrogant, ironic, bearded (or baleen), looks at the world with contempt and through the scope of the monitor.

Still playing football or hockey. Goes for your favorite team already in Uzhgorod. Smart, resilient, cheerful. A little (very little) stupid, but what he got!

He oligarch or functionary. Rich as Croesus, confident, like God. Little brash, but, on the whole, even Ogogo. Drives a Maybach with a chauffeur. Has a wife, children, grandchildren, a dog lover. In fact, he sees it and has. Deserved.

Rare bird, but immediately noticeable from afar. This is, perhaps, an herbalist, astrologer or sorcerer. Or just terrible danger grandfather, who look and immediately shivers down your spine. Something he knows. Knows. Yes glorious knows that all young girls from this witchcraft in a trance and ready for such a grandfather even in hell, at least in numbers.

Former military or people associated with dangerous craft. He had seen much knows much wants to forget, but not forgotten. Still blindly gather-will understand Kalash, shoots protein in the eye and holds stock in the basement of stew for a hundred years in advance, just in case.

Ducky and charm. Herbs stories, likes to drink, loves grandchildren and knows all the lullabies. And does not know is invented. Absolutely fabulous grandfather. Looks sweet and innocent, and that's what it's really like - only God knows.

Man idea. Crazy and beautiful, like Einstein. Until now spends all the time at work, trying to solve the unsolvable. For life is indifferent. With household sloppy. But at any moment can create a perpetual motion machine.


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