Gentle facial cleansing.

Girls found this recipe on one of the forums, so decided to share with you my discovery. :)
Clean like you can do no more than 2 times per month. Perfect for w. and porous skin. That is the very method of cleaning: This peel can not be used for sensitive skin, if the skin there are pockets of inflammation and pimples - pinching is so that will not find it!

On a clean, dry face with a cotton pad put calcium chloride solution 5%, that flowed, wait until dry (3 min), apply again, wait again. Since up to 5 times. Lather hands "Children" soap, not to foam, just rub on the soap, and massage your face until you roll up all the old skin. Spool appear immediately, they must all roll up. Peeling mechanism is as follows: Calcium chloride is reacted with soap (sodium and potassium salt of higher carboxylic acids) formed by sodium or potassium chloride, and the insoluble calcium salt of higher carboxylic acids, which rolls down, simultaneously grasping a part of the top layer of keratin scales. It turns the surface gentle exfoliation.

It is best suited for the cleaning of oily, porous skin. But it can also be used for dry, if there are black spots. Only after that should definitely apply a nourishing mask.


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