Say "no" broken things! Learn the meaning of the icons on the tag and save your favorite clothes.

Admit it, you did not once thought about what it took to manufacturers to sew clothes stupid tag, which now and then tingling in the neck, rustle, and prevent annoying. Although the purpose for which the manufacturer of the goods makes it was obvious you were not interested in what was written on these labels. After all, the information referred to there, you seemed so obscure.

But the thing that has served you for a long time and had, as they say, "presentation", you still would not hurt to look at the rules of care listed on the labels of products. So what are these strange icons? Remember and take mental note!

1. The product can be washed.

2. The product is not subject to washing.

3. Allowed only hand wash. The most suitable temperature - 30 ° C-40 ° C. Do not rub, do not wring.

4. Hand or machine wash. The maximum water temperature - 30 ° C.

5. Hand or machine wash. The maximum water temperature - 30 ° C. Do not rinse. It is not allowed to subject the product to heavy mechanical handling. When the spin cycle in a washing machine - a centrifuge slow mode.

6. Particularly delicate washing with water temperatures up to 30 ° C in plenty of water. Minimum machining, to rinse quickly at low revs.

7. permissible wash with bleach only in cold water. Closely monitor so that the powder is completely dissolved.

8. Never use bleach and chlorine-containing agents.

9. Valet allowed.

10. iron at a predetermined temperature (maximum - 110 ° C). Ironed better through tissue without using steam.

11. The maximum allowable temperature when ironing - 150 ° C. To iron through a damp cloth.

12. Allowed to make ironing a maximum temperature of 200 ° C. You can moisten the product.

13. Allowed only dry cleaning (dry cleaning).

14. When dry cleaning is possible to use any solvent.

15. Cleaning only with hydrocarbon, ethylene chloride, monoflotrihlormetana.

16. Dry cleaning on the basis of special solvents: hydrocarbon and triftortrihlormetana.

17. Allow limited addition of water. Gentle cleansing.

18. Gentle cleansing with a limited addition of water using special solvents: hydrocarbon and triftortrihlormetana.

19. Delicate Spin and tumble dry or Electric driers.

20. Not allowed to squeeze and dry the product in the washing machine.

21. It can be dried at low temperature.

22. It can be dried at a medium temperature.

23. After using the vertical spin drying (on a rope).

24. Do not use spin when drying.

25. Dry on a flat surface.

It turns out that these tags are not so useless as you had thought. Now you'll be able to properly care for your favorite things.

You want things your friends look like new, and they have served more than one year? Tell them about personal discovery - friends will thank you too!

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