Selection of color shades.

Most unfavorable color shades to match the iris and shade throughout the century. With this application instead of expressive eyes get one big blur. A much better deal if you want to apply the shadow color of the iris, use a shade lighter or darker eyes. When a light shade of iris will appear more saturated colors, and vice versa - bright eyes on a dark background will look more contrast. Be sure to consider the appointment of makeup, age and your tsvetotip. Look better color shades, contrasting iris, as being near, they reinforce each other.

For green eyes fit all the shadows, where there is a red pigment: pink, purple, terracotta, copper and others.

For blue or blue - the best orange-yellow color range: gold, peach, salmon, bronze, yellow, beige and brown shades, etc.

Gray eyes refresh shade with pink pigment: purple, coral red, pink, brown, yellow and pink.

For brown eyes would be the best blue-gray scale, and the shadows with a red tint, such as red-brown eyes can give a tearful appearance. It is best to give preference to olive, beige, blue, purple, maroon-brown or navy blue.

Dark brown eyes fit: gray-purple, gray, black, beige and brown and blue gamma.

Often causes difficulty selection range for the eyes with splashes. It should apply the shadow color contrast desired shade inclusions: green-hazel eyes - pink, purple emerald; gray-green eyes - pink, gray, purple shade; blue-gray eyes - brown, gray, pink, plum; blue-gray-green - green, beige, pink.

When working with shadows need to take into account other factors that affect the eye makeup, such as the color of shadows, the light in the room, drawing and shading. Here are some of them:

Gray - when mixed with bright color and mutes does look smoky;

White - lightens bright colors, his eyes can seem stressful;

Black - with it any color - deep, adds age, reduces and deepens the plot is voltage;

Silver decorates any color by mixing makes it cold;

Gold - gives the eyes shine, but at the same time, he emphasizes wrinkles;

Green - in its pure form it is better not to use, it is better to add it as a shade;

Blue or blue - refresh the eyes;

Brown - the universal color, most importantly to find the right shades, his eyes look more expressive;

Pink - gives the eyes shine and rejuvenates.


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