How not to recover in autumn and winter?

1) instead of the sandwiches Chowder
Women who eat the soup at lunch on the first, soaking in a meal for 100 calories less and do not compensate by eating more during the day. Give preference to low-calorie soups - vegetable, tomato or carrot - to maximize positive effect.

2) Do not give up meat
Red lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and cereals - a source of tryptophan - the building material for the protein. It will help to cope with bouts of famine caused by psychological reasons. The more products in our diet with tryptophan, the more is produced serotonin, and the better we feel.
3) Choose a favorite dish
Make a list of products which you most want in the cold season. Then enter them into your normal diet rather than eat it between meals.

4) Eat "good" carbohydrates
Carbohydrates also help to produce serotonin, which causes a feeling of happiness, causing release of insulin. But it is necessary to replace the sugar carbohydrates such as cookies and white bread, bread from wheat flour and products made from whole grains.

5) fantasizes
Every time you irresistibly attracted by a huge bar of chocolate, think 5 minutes about how you want to look and feel at the end of winter. Fix this image and return to him every time there is a desire to pamper yourself with something harmful.

6) Catch the sun
The lack of light in the cold time of the year reduces the levels of serotonin, causing fatigue and increase appetite, for which we are fits of gluttony. A 15-minute walk will get a dose of natural light to enhance the level of serotonin, besides, you are at the time you train calf muscles and burn 70 calories.

7) Wear bright
Through the cold evenings and weekends, curled up in a chair and dressed in slacks and a baggy sweater, you can not help but notice that the weight increases. Continue to wear tight clothes. She will know about the extra pounds.

8) Refrain from coffee
Excess caffeine causes the body to store fat. Resist the temptation to keep warm cup of coffee with milk, cappuccino or hot chocolate. A large portion of latte with whole milk contains 265 calories. Cappuccino little less - 153 calories. But the chocolate with whipped cream comes in first place with 448 calories. Warms the best grass, fruit or green tea.

9) Find a hobby
Cold evening, sitting in front of the TV, try to take a hand. Knitting, cross stitching, crossword puzzles and puzzles - all this does not give arms to reach for a plate of sweets.


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