Appetizer of salmon and cheese

Ingredients (8-10 servings):

Smoked Salmon - 400g
Cream cheese - 400g
Eggs - 3 pcs
Garlic - 2 cloves
Salt and pepper


1. Put the boiled eggs. Meanwhile, chop the salmon into thin slices uniform. Take the cake pan and line the bottom of each "cupcake" with cling film. It is necessary, that would be convenient to retrieve pre-packaged snacks from the molds.
2. Puts the bottom of the molds each piece of fish that would be its edges protrude outward.
3. Now make the filling. Hard-boiled eggs finely chop. You can use a blender. So do with garlic and green onions. The smaller, the better. Mix all of this with cream cheese, salt and pepper to taste.
4. Next, spread the filling into each mold and close the protruding ends of the fish as an envelope. The film also wrap. Filling should protrude slightly out of shape.
5. When you are ready, you need to "cupcakes" than to pin down, that would be filling rammed.
For example put a plate on top of the kitchen and put the jar with water. The whole structure put in the fridge for a few hours.
6. To extract snack gently pulling the edges of the food film. Appetizer of salmon and cream cheese ready!


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