Identities, adolescence, youth


As a child I was initially very fat girl, and then I fed foul when apricots, and I had a diarrhea. The three-week. Empties. Explosive. Unpredictable.
 I quickly blown away, and looked like a Shar-Pei. Rubber, so to speak, Zina.
Suki - then in our country has not yet sold Cram stretch marks and folds of my children started to shine and attract more attention.
Then the diarrhea started and ended chickenpox. My folds covered with pimples and green paint. Three days after the onset of the disease some bitch dermatologist said I had shingles and striguchy I shaved nalyso.
Immediately thereafter fell two front milk tooth. The boys in the yard Uёbischem called me and gave me a black eye.
 The same day came to my mother's relatives from America and offered to sell my organs.


I was deprived of virginity rusty pipe scum from factory barracks.
 I am lying, of course, to crush sorry. I am no one wanted to deflower - even though I did everything to run into guys in the factory barracks.
 I wore red underwear and went for a walk on a deserted wasteland where local hang out marginalized.
After my first appearance near the fire the bulk of these marginalized became deeply religious people - I suffer from acne, and lipstick, which I have lipstick to attract the rapist, smeared from ear to ear.
Flames of fire effectively emphasized my charm - the leader of marginal crap (it later in the nuthouse nickname was - Srach).
Females, engendered in me a complex.
 Adolescence is over 14 years old. Fizruk drunk, covered my face with a cloth and fucked me saying: Lord, forgive me, say it for acne helps!
 Did not help.


I studied at malyarshu, and he is fitter. We met in the hallway, and my heart beat stronger and sphincter compressed by the tide of feelings.
He had a rich gold teeth and a moped, and I was just a chick with a paint exchange. On New Year's disco, I invited him to dance: it was dark, and he agreed.
 I was in seventh heaven! My happiness is shattered on the color music - my goddamned lamp illuminated a pleasant smile, he asked permission from me to the toilet and did not return.
 I understood that love to his ears: and he, or anybody. No one I already had, and now I needed it.
I sat in wait in the hallway - he began to skip lectures, I began to watch his entrance - neighbors chipped in combination lock and ordered the janitor to shoot a girl with salt zhopovidnym person.
I began to write letters to him, he thought a woman to another, and they began dating. My heart was broken.
I could not live without this guy. It has become the meaning of my life. I'm ready to commit suicide at his wedding.
 In spring disco all get drunk and go to a nearby park to puke on nature. Two hours later, my idol was in his shorts, his legs spread wide, and slept next to a hairy ass classmate. His brown eggs fell out of the stale semeyniki above them flew a small spring swarm of flies.
 As he was fine!
 A month later he was poisoned industrial alcohol, and I perevlyubilas in Trudovik.


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