10 films, which will help to better understand our children

Films about children forced to experience very tender feelings - the desire to take care of, to be understanding and really good. They allow you to understand what they feel and what they think the children of various ages.

< Website I have collected films, which will be useful to anyone interested in issues of education.

puzzle h3> Inside Out

Riley - the usual 11-year-old schoolgirl, and how each of us, its behavior is determined by five basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Up to a certain age emotions live in harmony with each other, but moving to a different city, a new school created in Riley's head full of confusion, and to restore its former happiness girls, emotions will again learn to work together. This cartoon illustrates the effect of the internal state of our behavior and help to understand the thinking of the child, looking at it from the inside.

Moonrise Kingdom h3> Moonrise Kingdom

A pair of lovers teen escapes from under adult supervision. Sam, scout and orphans complex. Foster parents do not get along with him, the other scouts - too. Susie, his girlfriend - a girl twelve closed. Later, it becomes clear that, despite the bizarre behavior of fugitives seeking - Area where you can just be happy. Very colorful and unique film that is worth seeing the whole family.

August Rush h3> August Rush

Evan Taylor - an orphan who is brought up in an orphanage. He has a unique talent for music, because his parents were musicians. Evan believes that he can find his parents and runs away from an orphanage in New York, where he has to play in the street. Meanwhile, the mother of Evan discovers that her son did not die in childbirth, and alive and looking for her. She, too, goes in search of his son. Sentimental film with a wonderful music. The surge of emotions guaranteed!

Oliver Twist h3> Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist - an orphan who grew up in a shelter at a local church. Unable to withstand the abuse by guards, Oliver runs in London, where he falls into a gang of petty criminals. Boy fails at the first theft, but Mr. Brownlow, delayed a little thief, decides to take Oliver instead of prison to his home. Excellent adaptation of the classic works.

The Adventures koryazhki h3> Knerten

Recently moved from the city to the countryside, kid, smart and naughty boy, I have not had time to make new friends. One day, digging in a pile of branches and twigs, it is interesting to mean a dry twig, who becomes his imaginary friend - Koryazhkoy. Toddler having fun with it as long as mom and dad are working hard. But can one replace the fictional parents?

Book Thief h3>

The Book Thief h3>

On the eve of World War II, nine-year-Liesel moved to Munich to his adoptive parents, and with their help learning to read. Every day reading becomes its vital necessity, and Liesel begins to steal the book - it's the only available way to understand the events around her: the persecution of the Jews, anti-fascist movement, humiliation and hunger. Books help the girl cope with all the hardships and write your own life story.

Choristers h3> Les Choristes

The film is about children with difficult character and plight. At the boarding school for troubled teens called "bottom of the pond," there is a new teacher Clement Mathieu. Unlike other teachers, he does not hide behind a veil of indifference by these unfortunate boys and trying to understand and know them better. To this end, the hero creates a chorus that makes it one of the boys discover their unique natural talent. The film shows that a person with an open mind, sooner or later will achieve recognition of even the most difficult children.

Tom Sawyer h3> Tom Sawyer

One of the adaptations of children's novel, which clearly shows the everyday life of two hooligans - Tom and Huck. Stealing apples, endless jokes on adults, fishing and pirate games - this is their approximate schedule. But once unbridled imagination leads the boys at night in the cemetery, where they witness a mysterious crime, which is the beginning of an incredible adventure. The film is recommended viewing for the whole family.

Adolescence h3> Boyhood

Director Richard Linklater filmed his movie "Adolescence" for twelve years. Starting in 2002, the story, it leads him through the years, watching the members of one family. The protagonist - a young Mason, which is the beginning of the filming was 6 years old, year after year, watching to see how the life around him, as his parents are changing, and over the years makes it more meaningful conclusions about the world that surrounds it. Very sincere and realistic film.

Dead Poets Society h3> Dead Poets Society

Seven young men are students of the prestigious academy in the United States. On the first day the boys meet a new teacher - John Keating (Robin Williams), the teaching methods which differ radically from the traditional, used in the school for the past many decades. The teacher shows the heroes of all the beauty of poetry and inspire them to go on their own way of life. This story is about hopes and desires, as well as the importance of the people who once taught us something important and correct.

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