25 rare photos from the shooting of the legendary Soviet films

Every citizen of our country, regardless of their age and loves the classics knows Soviet cinema. We continue to quote and review all your favorite pictures, but ever wondered how these masterpieces were created.

Website slightly open behind the scenes of the mysterious life and show a piece of "magic cinema┬╗.

The Three Musketeers h3>

Ivan Vasilievich h3>

Seventeen Moments of Spring h3>

The White Sun of the Desert h3>

Dead Souls h3>

Mary Poppins, Goodbye! h3>

Love and doves h3>

Heart of a Dog h3>

Wii h3>

Kin-za-za h3>

Cruel Romance h3>

Office Romance h3>

Messenger h3>

Meeting Place Can not Be Changed h3>

Beware of the Car h3>

Torpedo h3>

Operation "Y" and other adventures Shurik h3>

Carnival Night h3>

The Twelve Chairs h3>

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