The Parable of the gods

Two gods were arguing with each other about who is stronger:
-Narod Who believes in me, one of the worlds conquered your people. Soon they destroy your church there and altars. And your cowardly people fear will turn to my followers.
-And In another world who believe in me, conquered the country of your people. But my people are not going to forcibly destroy faith in you. They are simply being dominant nation, will make your followers to believe in something that you do not exist, otherwise you would have helped them, or, in another case, I gave you money and career in my kingdom. And my people rise up and overthrow your oppressors, because they are too directly and forcefully.
They approached one of the young gods and asked:
-Could You tell me why all the gods worshiped there what the Deity? He in fact has no followers, no one puts his temples, no one even knows it exists.
-Emu Not need followers, - said in chorus, two - he's one of us all, the true god. It is life itself. All people believe in it, because they live. Even those who commit a suicide, believe in it - they just do not believe in yourself! He is immortal, and we are mortal as well as those who believe in us. We are a part of it, as well as our followers. When your people die, you die and you. And he will live forever, because the world itself is eternal. He does not need altars and temples; He gives them to us, as he gave his pride completely separate god, because underneath all of us he meant - life.


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