The parable of the little grey bird

One fall day, a little bird, those that do not fly South for the winter, saw a flock of swans. Majestic graceful birds landed to feed and rest before a long journey to warmer climes.

The little grey bird, admiring guests in his court, humbly asked the leader of the pack: — Where are you going? —To warmer climes for the winter, ' replied the leader, looking around carefully a small bird.


Little bird, looking enviously at the white bird, with a sigh said: Good for you. You big birds fly away for the winter. And I will freeze this winter in cold and hunger.

Swan thought for a moment.Gray carefully examined the bird and said: 'come with us, baby, because you have wings there and fly you can!

Bird-sermage, alarmed and clapping little wings, and chirped: 'Oh, Lord! The South far and fly high. You have large birds, the wings are strong and beautiful, and the clouds touch you when you fly far away. And I, the bird-nevelichka, will weaken in the long flight and die of hunger.

The leader of the Swan flocks consulted with other canines, and replied cutie: — Come on, we will take you with him? Bury in my warm down and will reach the place. It's warm and feed lots will make and will not perish!

Bird-nevelichka, chirped anxiously: — what if the pack want to relax and to land to eat, and about me will be forgotten? I'm a little bird, and sleepy with hunger will die.

The old leader shook his head, and could not stand, said: — fuck you!..

Little bird, Bouncing from the wise Swan, says in a hurt voice: — Well, I knew this would happen, and I will respond!

A flock of birds has not heard of gray "mistress" of the poultry-yard. Guests gathered in a distant way. The scarlet sun was setting over the horizon, caressing the clouds with their gentle evening rays. A flock of birds with the noise rose up to the sky, and it seemed that a heavenly body accompanies the freedom-loving birds.A "helpless" baby, all lamented: — what these proud graceful bird hurt me so much? published


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