The Parable of the wanderer in the desert

Traveled once a lonely wanderer in the desert. He saw one of the few cities in the kingdom of sand and decided to break it.
Entering the city, the stranger was struck by all its beauty and grandeur. It was not in the poor and disadvantaged, each house was rich and cozy. Oasis, which kept the whole city was fertile and seemed stood outside of time, forever. Wanderer went to the governor of the city, to ask him about the wisdom of management.
Going to the palace, he did not notice it any protection. Wanderer crept into the garden and saw a man sitting on the lap of the Sultan.
-Tell Me, sage, as well you manage to govern their country? You do not even have protection!
-Why Protection to those who rested himself a brother to all people, lover of all life and the father of the entire universe? I have no enemies among my kingdom, and those who come to us with war, killed by his own sword. Love rallied me and my people.
-Love? And what is love?
-What Is important to you, then there is love. For me it's a belief. God protects me. I'm not afraid of anyone and so strong. The enemy will go down to our city without resistance and quickly leave, because he will be afraid to touch the city of the Lord! The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong - that's the truth.
But I also could kill you right now, you would not even fight back!
-So Why you did this? - Inquired the old man.
I'm not a murderer, and I will give it ...
-So No one in this world is not a murderer! It's the devil, but he! No person in the world do not need to kill anyone. Mark my words, my son: kindness in our hearts more, because otherwise I would have been killed.


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