Christian parable:

Somehow two monks came to Abba Joseph, asking to explain to them better if they are happy to take visiting their brothers or not to express that joy. They had not even open his mouth to make him aware of his embarrassment, he told them the issue and came to his cell. There was covered with old rags and walked between them in such attire, without saying a word.
Then he took off his rags, put on some nice clothes, which are used during the holidays, and then walked between them. Finally, he got dressed, dressed as constantly and sat with them.
The monks looked at him in surprise, not knowing anything of what he presented.
Then he said to them:
- How well do you notice what I did?
- Yes, - they said.
- But, - added Joseph - did you notice that the change in the dress had changed something in me? I became worse, wearing rags? I became a better wearing the best clothes?
- Of course not!
- Remember as compared to this, that everything created, even people who should not be anything to change their appearance in our inner world. Take with joy and innocence, and with Christian love of brothers who will visit you. And if no one will come to you, keep yourselves in the concentration of the spirit.


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