The Elixir of Life

Alexander the Great his whole life looking for the elixir of life, which gives immortality, and they say, found it in the Arabian desert. Elixir was found in a cave. What a joy! Alexander danced for joy.
He went there alone, without taking with him even his closest friends. Going into the cave, he saw a spring sochivshiysya from under a huge crystal that shines with all the colors of the rainbow. Fascinated, he watched a miracle and was about to drink when he heard a croak. Alexander started. Looking around, he saw an old man with a beard down to the ground. Next to him sat a raven.
The old man said:
 - Before you drink, think carefully. I drank this water and live for several centuries. If you only knew how tired I am! I am in despair. I want to die and I can not. I'm fed up with life, I have no desires. Life should be updated, and it can be updated only through death.
They say that Alexander acted so these words, that he ran out of the cave, jumped on his horse and, without looking back, rode until the sun went down.


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