Archaeologists have restored part of the "elixir of youth»

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Archaeologists have found in new York a bottle labeled "elixir of youth", decided to try it out.

During excavations in new York, on the Bowery (Manhattan), archaeologists found a small green glass bottle, which is, as reads the inscription, contained the "elixir of youth".

The find was made during excavations of the German beer patio at the end of XIX century, among other bottles. As explained by archaeologists in the late nineteenth century, doctors and chemists have developed a number of compounds for the treatment of most common diseases. They were given these mixtures of different funny names and sold in their pharmacies.

"We wanted to know how the medicine tasted," says Alisa Loria (Alyssa Loorya), CEO of Chrysalis Archaeology, which oversees the excavations in the city.

The researchers turned to their German counterparts. Last tracked down a recipe for "elixir" in a medical dictionary of the nineteenth century. It turned out that for the manufacture of drugs used different plants: aloe, rhubarb, gentian, teodoriu (white turmeric), saffron. They insisted on diluted grain alcohol (vodka or gin).

These liqueurs were fairly common in the nineteenth century, and always available in bars, says Alisa Loria. "We don't know what it is – the abundance of alcohol or the herbs used to make people feel better," she said.

"Elixir of youth" or "elixir of immortality" – a drink common in the mythology and works of fiction. It is sometimes equated with the philosopher's stone. It is believed that this elixir can give a person, the drinker eternal life or eternal youth.

On the invention of the drink for a long time worked as alchemists and scientists from different countries, since ancient times, but all attempts were unsuccessful. In some cases in the manufacture of the elixir used toxic substances, and those who tried the resulting drug, died.




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