The parable of the wise men and the elephant

Once the Buddha raskazal his disciples a story:
One Raja came to visit padishah from a neighboring state.
He brought a lot of gifts, among them - live elephant. And as the Sultan had never seen an animal guest decided to make a puzzle. Having got an elephant in a dark room, Raja asked the governor: "Let your advisors describe an elephant, which is located here. I want to know how they are wise. " First Counselor in the darkness came on the leg of the animal. "This animal is like a huge tree," - he said. "The elephant - a huge writhing snake" - said it a second sage who felt the trunk of the animal. Third managed to pat elephant's trunk. "On the ruler, they both lie - he cried. - Elephant is like a large sheet of paper - the same broad and rough. " The king asked the bewildered Rajah: "Tell me, what is this elephant?" When a guest brought the animal out of the room, and wise men, and the governor marveled greatly. "Each of you was right in his own way. And yet you are all wrong - asked Raja to advisers.
As the Buddha said, Raja was very pleased with his joke.

That meant the Buddha? First of all, he meant religions that give people a part of God, infinitely small on him.


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