Kazakh scientists have invented a "elixir of life"

Scientists in Kazakhstan say that they managed to create yogurt, prolongs life. This information came amid calls President Nursultan Nazarbayev to invent "the elixir of youth and energy," to be able to continue his rule, said on November 6 The Daily Telegraph.

"The drink, called" Harom "(Power - Comm. KM.RU), will improve the quality and duration of life," - said Zhaksibay Zhumadilov, Researcher Research Institute in Astana.

However, according to him, despite the fact that yogurt can help digestion and improve the health of itself the problem will not solve it longevity. "This is just one of the factors," - said Zhumadilov.

Nazarbayev, who heads Kazakhstan since 1990, recently began frequently to reflect on the benefits of immortality. When members of the South Korean delegation in 2010 called for the head of the Central Asian state to remain in power for another ten years, he replied that he was ready to go for it, if only they would give him the elixir of youth.

While Cleopatra was famous for bathing in asses milk, trying to keep his appearance, Nazarbayev stressed that he is interested only secret of eternal life.

"Anti-aging medicine, natural rejuvenation, immortality. This is what people learn in these days ", - told the president.


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