The thief, who became a disciple

One evening, when Sitiro Kodzyun read sutras, entered a thief with a sharp sword and began to demand or money, or life. Sitiro told him:
- Do not bother me, you can take a little bit of money in the box.
And he continued his reading. After a while he stopped and said:
- Do not take everything. I need some money to pay the taxes tomorrow.
Intruder took most of the money and started to leave.
- When you make a gift, we have to thank - added Sitiro.
The man thanked him and left. A few days later he was caught, and, among others, he confessed to the crime against Sitiro. When Sitiro called as a witness, he said:
- This man is no thief, at least in relation to me. I gave him the money and he thanked me for them.
After the prison term ended, a man came to Sitiro and became his disciple.


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