5 most good thieves

1. Thief who Ural laptop Professor Swedish University of UmeƄ, returned all his soderjanie on the drive. After obnaruzheniya Professor the loss of a laptop, he fell into a stupor, because there is kept a record 10 years. But the thief was decent enough, so after some time to return to the Professor a flash drive where you saved all the information.


2. The house, located in Lower Saxony has got an armed robber. Until he was threatened with a gun nanny, two children 7-year-old blew his all his savings to not touch the woman. The thief was so moved by this act that left the house without taking a penny.

3. In October 2011 a burglar stole from a parked car, two phone and purse. Looking at one of the phone numbers, he saw images of child pornography. This gave him incredible disgust, and he surrendered to the police to help investigate the accident. With the help of the thief was placed under arrest 46-year-old man. How relaxed nakazanie, the failed thief was awarded just a month in prison and a fine.


4. A thief from Saudi Arabia, and it remains unknown, returned to the former owner of jewelry that was stolen from him over ten years ago. If you believe the words of the owner of the jewelry to his door in the night, opening the door he saw a marvelous bag on the doorstep, which was jewelry, and another note of apology.

5. The Brazilian, who drove the car returned the car to its owner after he called back on the cell phone left in the car and told the robber that he is going through in this time of financial difficulties.


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