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take your laptop and connect it to a USB flash drive ($ 37,000), and then put it in a bag for $ 11 million. talk on the iPhone ($ 8 million) and play Angry Birds on the Ipad cost $ 8 1 million. And what? After all, best friends gadgets - are diamonds! Notebook sleeve - $ 11 mln

World's most expensive laptop bag Diamond Laptop Sleeve from a Dutch company CoverBee hand decorated 8800 rare diamonds from around the world. Cover finished with natural black sable fur from Siberia - the designers claim that only used the fur of animals that died of natural causes. Diamonds are attached to the skin and fur, located on the inside cover, reliably protects the notebook and its warm in sub-zero temperatures. To create brilliant cover it took two years. iPad 2 with bone T-Rex - $ 8, 1 mln

Design of the most expensive laptop in the world - iPad 2 with gold case - was designed by British jeweler Stuart Hughes, which specializes in premium design gadgets. For dressing tablet was used 2 kg of gold (24 carats) and 750 grams of ammolita - ancient gem of organic origin. In the design for iPad 2 used Tyrannosaurus rex bone fragments weighing 57 grams overall. The Apple logo is laid out of 53 diamonds. At the center of the button home plugged large diamond weighing 8, 5 carats. Designer gadget offered to customers all in duplicate. Diamond iPhone 4 - $ 8 mln

World's most expensive phone - iPhone 4 32GB - was also decorated by Stuart Hughes. The casing of the phone encrusted with 500 diamonds weighing approximately 100 carats. Quick phone is made of platinum, and the main button in the center is a one-piece pink diamond 7, 4 carats. The back cover of the phone frame is made of rose gold Apple logo on it is decorated with 53 diamonds. For smartphone with individual casket made of granite. This iPhone was created only two copies of the order of unknown Australian rich. Sound system Organic Harmony - $ 6, 95 mln

The most expensive in the world Speaker Organic Harmony Hi-End class created by Shape Audio limited series. The main materials used for its production of precious and noble metals, thus, according to the developers, it was possible to achieve the highest sound quality and acoustics combine qualitative and aesthetic characteristics of the device. The system was developed with the active participation of the President of Shape Audio Luciano Pasquarelli and a five-band active speaker system. Organic Harmony has an almost circular radiation pattern and is available in three variants - coated casing 18 carat gold (at $ 6, 95 million), 925 silver ($ 416,000) and Bronze ($ 87,400). The complete system includes a Class D amplifier output power of 1000 W, equipped with a stereo analog input and digital input DSP, S / PDIF, USB and Ethernet. Television Supreme Rose - $ 2, 3 mln

In the development of the most expensive in the world of TV - 55-inch PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition - Stuart Hughes was involved again with the support of Metz and PrestigeHD. Model released only three copies. The frame of the TV is made of 28 kg of rose gold and adorned with 72 round diamonds odnokaratnymi and inlaid amber and amethyst. The reverse side of the TV finished with crocodile skin. Headphones Beats by Dre - $ 1 mln

Most expensive headphones in the world were created by Beats By Dre with the jewelry company together Graff Diamonds, one of the most famous and best dealers in precious stones in the world. Adorned with 114 diamonds in carats, these headphones have been created specifically for the finals of the American football Super Bowl: the tradition at half-time are performances of music stars, and these headphones have been put on SkayBlyu from the group LMFAO during their joint show with Madonna. According to the manufacturer, this wireless headset high definition so comfortable that you feel it is the music, not the headphones. Velvet cushions covered with headphones ultra-soft breathable material that prevents sweating ears. Game console Nintendo Wii Supreme - $ 481 250

The British created and most expensive gaming console in the world, covering a standard Nintendo Wii console with two and a half kilos of 22-carat gold. In addition, the front console buttons decorated 78 diamonds weighing 19 carats 5. In the manufacture of this luxury devaysa the designer took six months: only four months less than the previous work has taken master - Brilliant iPhone 4. In all there were only three such consoles. Golden remote Gold RC1 - $ 00,040,150,447 55

Created by Danish manufacturer Lantic Systems, Universal Remote Gold RC1 boasts a glamorous design and the ability to manage virtually any electronic device in the home - TV, video and DVD-player, stereo, internet, e-mail, home alarm systems, lights, curtains, curtains, air conditioning, video surveillance and navigation systems. Made of pure gold console was first presented in 2007 at the METS exhibition in Amsterdam, and since then the price has almost doubled. Flash card Magic Mushrooms - from $ 16 500 to $ 36 90,049,410,507

Swiss jeweler La Maison Shawish turned an ordinary flash drive into a luxury item, launched a line of the most expensive in the world of USB-flash drives Magic Mushrooms, made in the form of mushrooms, encrusted with diamonds. The maximum size of the data flash storage is 32 GB. Depending on the use of precious stones, the cost devaysa varies from $ 16 500 to $ 36 900. Cheapest pink "mushroom" is covered with pink sapphires 11, 34 carat and white diamonds, medium version, which costs $ 24,400, is made in red and decorated with 11 rubies, 34-carat, and the most expensive USB flash drive is decorated with emeralds, 9, 18 carat, gives the product green. As planned by the designers, the look of flash drives is to bring us back in the days of childhood and associated with the tale "Alice in Wonderland." World's most expensive hard disk

World's most expensive hard drive was designed by the French Agency for Radioactive Waste Management ANDRA for the government. It is made of artificially grown sapphire and platinum. It is assumed that the sapphire hard drive consisting of two fused dvadtsatisantimetrovyh thin disks can survive one million years old, so there is no fear of losing important data. The disc can store up to forty thousand miniaturized pages caused by using a platinum micro images. Read this data will be possible only with a microscope. Diamond Mouse - $ 25 700

Diamond computer mouse from the company Pat Says Now - this is a standard three-button optical mouse with USB-sensor resolution 300 dpi. The mouse is made of 18 carat white gold and framed by 59 diamonds. In addition, the mouse can be personalized with diamonds laying your name. There are two versions: "Diamond Flower» (Diamond Flower) and "Scattering Diamonds» (Scattered Diamond) - and a choice of yellow, red and white gold. The top cover and press the "Diamond Flower" is in white gold 750-th sample. His color is gold is due to alloy with palladium, a precious metal, platinum close. The amount of palladium in the alloy is 13%.



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