15 Professions of the past which have no place in the modern world

C development of technological progress in many professions there is no need, because now they are replaced by automated devices and a variety of gadgets. But in the last century, these professions were very popular and useful.

Installer pin bowling

Instead, machines for placement of pins previously used special people

The work was difficult, noisy and poorly paid. Usually hired for the job little boys. Guys, setting pins in a bowling alley, replaced by machines

Man budilnik

These people go on a certain route, knocking on the window of its customers with a long stick, throwing stones and shouting that is urine, until they are sure that awakened people who do not want to wake work

Man Service also lost the need. Waking up on time is now helping us different gadgets. At present, such people are called hooligans.


In the English dictionary Webster's 1828 definition of the word computer is given as: "A person who conducts calculations." Before it became a thing, it was a man, usually a young woman. You guessed it, they were engaged in a variety of calculations and computations, because someone had to vypolyant this work. Now this word is quite another definition.

TrubochistDa, chimney sweeps, there are still, but only now it is more a fad rich, but before it was a necessity. Cleaned the soot from chimneys chimney sweeps rescued people from the cold of death. Fortunately there are now more simple variants of heating homes.

Lecturer factory rabochihSlushali someday to music or audio books, performing monotonous work? Factory workers hired live "speakers" who read his works of literature during operation. Sometimes workers are thrown off to hire that person.

At the present time "lecturers" have replaced players, radio and other non-entertainment gadgets.

Carver lda

Before the invention of the refrigerator to preserve food had to collect ice in the winter, to use it in the summer. The collection and doing special ice carvers.

They cut blocks of ice from frozen lakes, the risk of dying from hypothermia in the event of a fall in the hole.

Today the ice is not transferred from place to place, and use special refrigeration equipment.

Doradarnye listeners aircraft protivnika

Soon after the invention of the aircraft, the Army all over the world have invented methods for determining the sound of engines approaching from the horizon.

Before the invention of radar people relied on the sensitive ears of employees and the acoustic mirror. Hearing the approach of enemy aircraft, the students sounded the alarm. Detection of enemy aircraft was fully automated.

Probably a professional audience was very boring, and they could use the services of lecturers, but unfortunately, it is contrary to the peculiarities of their work.


When Europe was suffering from massive infestations of rats, this work was one of the most popular.

Rats often carry the disease, and these people risked ill from biting, but their work is an important public service. It was the best "trap" for the rats with a guaranteed result, but at the same time it was also the most expensive.

Ignition fonarey

Before the introduction of the use of electric lamps, street lamps were lit by hand.

Special people walked the streets and in the list of their responsibilities included the ignition lights, fire and refueling.

MolochnikBez cooling milk will spoil within a day. That is why the needed people who make daily deliveries, until the appearance of the refrigerator.

Milkmen were common in cities as in rural areas did not experience shortage of milk. Despite the fact that this item is present in the article, something which milkmen still continue to carry out their work, such as India.

BrevenEsche traffickers to roads and railways the best way was smuggled logs Fusing the river. The control of this process and these people are doing.

People were divided into groups and look for problem areas, which could get stuck logs, forming something like a dam

Noticing create mash, they should as quickly as possible to eliminate it until a major jam

In cases where they did not succeed rabochik used dynamite to eliminate major bottlenecks

Working with dynamite, standing above the water on the linked logs, death at work are commonplace for the Lumberjacks, as they are often showered with logs or they drowned in the water being under them. However, their work is considered prestigious and highly respected.

Operator kommutatora

Routing today million simultaneous phone calls going on in digital form.

Not so long ago, all these calls were processed manually by operators countless switches that literally connect the wire to the wire.

"Dancers Gandhi" It sounds very exotic, but in reality these people are engaged in heavy manual labor. "Dancers Gandhi" - a slang term for the railway workers, who were engaged in laying, repair and maintenance of railways. "Gandhi" was the name of the company producing insturmenty and "dancers" they were called because of the characteristic movements that work performed in scoring crutches sleepers

Thief trupovV the 19th century, doctors had to universities and hospitals to hire people to steal corpses from graves for research and experimentation. Often this was done by the students themselves, and medical schools as practical assignments were given, but the material they had to perform razobyvat own. So there was a special protection for the graves under the name «Mortsafe»

DagerrotipistDaggerotip was the forerunner of photography, only in their case, the target image is not on the photo paper, and polished silvered copper plate. As the image is developed with mercury vapor, it was very dangerous and very expensive. It is worth noting that at the time the pictures are pretty high quality, but unfortunately, it was impossible to copy


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