Religion in gadgets

Knowing the attitude towards religious issues on Victims, I risk opening a Pandora's box, but religion really affects people. Somewhere for the product to the market have to comply with certain conditions, because the figures are quite able to force the congregation to burn their phones as a "hotbed of sin and debauchery", and in some countries live under Sharia law. However, the gadgets help Muslims determine the direction for namaz, and the Orthodox looking for the other half on Dating sites.

For Muslims watch from Casio with compass for prayer

Religious gadget can be called a rosary, but here we will focus on electronic devices. Casio in the 1990s, the years introduced a variety of smart watches of different character — it was a watch with a remote control for TVs and stereos, watches with a calculator, a phonebook, Notepad and organizer, with a heart rate monitor, scans and sensor ultraviolet radiation.

One of the devices from Casio had a compass, but it points to Mecca, the Muslims want to pray in this way. Watch called Casio CPW-100 Compass Prayer. The company now sells a watch of this type. On the company website are the new models of this line.

For Muslims to determine how the direction and time for prayer, has developed a special gadget iQibla, which is used for determining the direction towards Mecca GPS. The same functionality is available on the website eQibla.

Today, gadget is no longer needed, as there is an app iPray and others like him, like Qibla Mecca Locator.

Various applications remind us of a time of prayer and is even able to read some of them instead of the owner. Portable speaker below reads the Koran with the voice of twenty different reciters and 20 languages.

In 2013, Zakir Naik, an Islamic activist from India, presented smartphone Peace Mobile. Gadget from 4.63-inch display contains more than 50 authentic Islamic apps, 200 ringtones and more than 80 hours of video with the speeches of Zakir of Naik. And, of course, the Koran. I was not able to understand if it were for sale until now because the latest news on the website dates from August 14, 2014, when the Peace Mobile was available at a price of $ 150.

Characteristics for years medium: 4 GB built-in memory, support SD up to 32GB, 2 SIM cards, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus.

Muslims have developed a doorbell that instead of the usual sounds says "As-Salamu alaikum. Peace be with you". Another call cost six euros each time remembers the name of Allah.

In the study of the Quran must help a special pen. Such devices are used for children's books and in museums to help the visually impaired, the elderly and children.

In 2015, the Eldar Klychev from Makhachkala has developed the concept of sensory Mat for namaz. Daily devout Muslim performs five prayers, and this Mat will help you not to stray from the account. As soon as the user strays from the temp — pad vibrates. A number of prostrations displays a counter in the corner of the Mat. By August 2015, the Eldar have already sold 50 of carpets in his native city, but expects to reach 1% of the total market size of 1.6 billion Muslims. News about this device in the fall of 2015 no, in the sale I couldn't find him.

A similar device was presented in 2003 by the inventor from Jordan, but spread it did not receive.

In the Orthodoxy to cover the hair only need in the Church and in Islam women have to wear a scarf everywhere except at home. Traditional head scarf in the West is called the hijab. To tie the hijab, use needles.

A Muslim woman from Brooklyn decided to fix this problem and developed a hijab without needles, allowing with a single knot to tie a scarf twenty different ways, and the fabric which does not crease. In addition to this, the hijab to make a hole for comfortable wearing headphones, glasses or stethoscope.

The Kickstarter project has collected about a thousand dollars of the required eight thousand, until the end of crowdfunding remaining 29 days.

The Christian world more tolerant of technology and more use of the achievements of civilization, originally designed a wide range of people, regardless of religion. But special devices are trying to sell here. In 2012 USA has announced the Edify tablet preloaded with the Bible. Of course, the browser — safe search, protects a potential owner who may be the child from the corrupting influence of dangerous sites on the Internet.

In fact, the American bookstore chain Family Christian took the tablet at that time two years ago — Cydle Multipad M7 2010 with 8 GB of memory, 512 MB of RAM and a 7-inch display of 800x480 and download it to 27 translations of the Bible. The gadget is sold in the network of bookshops as "the first Christian tablet" at a price of $ 150.

The proliferation of smartphones led to the creation of a huge number of religious apps. Only on Android app Bible downloaded more than 200 million people. However, not everyone is happy with the translation of the application into Russian language.

One example of developing apps for local organizations treby that allows you to send claims in Verkhnepecherskiy Monastery. Services in the application have been described in detail, fees are removed from the map. After the performance of religious rites in the smartphone came a push notification. Surviving the company of the usual memorial service was worth 33 rubles, demand — from 100 rubles, prayers for the eternal commemoration during the service in the Church — 4490 rubles.

Without these rites are served in the form of handwritten notes in the temple. Here orders were received to the superior of the monastery, he had them printed out and also transferred in Centrino shop. In my subjective opinion this app is a great and convenient thing, but due to disputes on the subject of morality, ethics, and religion it was removed from iTunes.

In total, Orthodox Christians can fast for more than two hundred days a year. It depends including from health fasting and how man can have a difficult job. One of the key factors is the health post should not bring harm to fast until sores are not forced. To diet while giving up meat, fish, seafood, dairy products must be full, and need to find appropriate recipes. In stores for Android and iOS there are lots of such books on religious themes.

App Orthodox prayer book contains 400 prayers, arranged according to time and subjects.

There are even Orthodox Dating sites like working since 2004 to recent times (now closed for some reason) and the section on

Dating sites offer and Muslims. On the website the link can be a Muslim male can offer any girl a meeting with witnesses. On the website registered more than 23 thousand people.

For Orthodox Jews it is unacceptable to use a non-kosher device. A case that occurred in 2014, when the rabbis of the Haredi community during the religious holiday recognized the evil iPhone and burn him for what he contributes to the dissemination of pornography, gossip and encourages the vices of society. Interestingly, the process of burning smartphones were recorded on the same smartphones. Must watch, light people under great music.

Religions have various restrictions that relate to human consumption of information. For example, pornography devout Muslim should not be watching. Special search engine for Muslims and Jews generally take the results from Google and filter it to the users. One of the first Halal search engine ImHalal was, he started to work in September 2009 and closed in 2011. On it was replaced by the current search engine

For Orthodox Jews, in 2009, launched a search engine Even normal photos of women cannot be demonstrated to users, so they were blocked at the level of issuance. Also, the search engine did not allow to see items like TVs, audio equipment and other things that prevent the study of Torah. The search engine was not working on the Sabbath – on Saturdays. Today it disconnected at all.

Religion throughout human history influenced the life, science, and technology. Some times they let science, in others it served as a stronghold, as the monasteries in Russia, in which were taught at least to read and write. Now to the fore in many countries came "artisticheskii" gadgets from the world of capitalism and Commerce, but even they find the approach to the most conservative religious sects. Today, often instead of trying to create a religion to gadgets release applications for popular device: such as an application instead of the keychain compass pointing toward Mecca. Stand out is that Orthodox Jews who prefer gadgets to burn.

What are some examples of highly specialized under the religious affiliation of the gadgets and services you know? If you are a religious person — do you use these things?



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