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I remember my first computer, bought for big money at the time.
Fortunately there was no limit. Then he bought a modem - it's all the song he sang really :) Every memory remained Soup of the century, and someone in the closet.
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The first MP3-player, which went on sale, was MPMan F10, pictured above. Released in March 1998, F10 is now reminiscent of the scales, he came with 32 MB on board, but the owners of this new-fangled device were able to upgrade it to 64 MB just by sending it back to Eiger Labs with a check of about $ 80. The public is in no hurry to develop this invention.

The 1981st saw the light Osborne 1, the first portable computer in the world. He represents a bulky body and weighed 24.5 pounds. Had 64K of RAM and 4 MHz processor placed inside a 5-inch screen has demonstrated results. Osborne1 cost 1795 dollars.

Digital Camera
Surprisingly, it is the first attempt to construct a digital camera was in 1975, the year when Kodak engineer named Steven Sasson built the prototype presented at the photos. Using Image Sensor CCD, the car had a resolution of 10,000 pixels (0.01 megapixels) and spent 23 seconds to take a picture of a black and white image and make the record on a cassette tape.

Cell Phone
DynaTAC8000X, Motorola, the world's first commercial portable cell phone in 1983, it was, after obtaining the approval of the FCC. The sale of the phone was worth an impressive $ 3995, but despite the daunting price tag, thousands of people stood in line to get one of the new products. Its size was 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches, he had charge of 8 hours and can store up to 30 numbers.


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