On the 20th anniversary of the Sony PlayStation: 10 most amazing accessories for PS1

Exactly 20 years ago, December 3, 1994, Sony released the PlayStation in Japan. Prefix most influenced the promotion of CD drives around the world, and staked out a strong position on the leader of two generations (and maybe three - how things go in PS4). During the existence of consoles have been sold 102 million copies.

And now for the less well-known facts - unusual phenomena of the universe PlayStation. I dug out for you various options, accessories, initiation and modification dedicated set-top box, which deserves some "strange". All of these things are just the first version of PS.

1. Options PlayStation

Sony has a lot of options for the console 12 years of its existence, from internal audits and models, where for reasons of economy were removed some external ports to an entirely different form factors, PSOne (2000). In classic console had a few color options. Here are the most interesting ones.

Blue top right - DTL-H1000 Programmer TOOL (NTSC / J), green - DTL-H1200 Programmer TOOL (NTSC / J). These are the two official version of consoles to developers. White - sold only in Hong Kong model with support for playback hardware evil videoCD. Black - Net Yaroze, development kit specifically for amateur amateurs. Since it was documentation and software for development. The program had to write on a computer (PC or Mac), and upload to the console. Also, she did not have a regional zalochki.

Also in Japan, in honor of the 10 million consoles sold was released on a limited edition dark blue version. Those who are interested can refer to photos collection of one of the fans .

2. The Robomaker

For PS produced dozens of weird and wonderful controllers, including the controllers to simulate driving boats, cars and locomotives, construction machinery, aircraft. For exercise, dancing, fishing, conducting the orchestra, playing pinball, mahjong and pachinko slot machine. But the strangest peripheral became part of the game set ZXE-D: Legend of Plasmalite 1996. In a set, except for robots fighting game, by the physical models of these robots. They could collect and connect via a special interface to the console (via the memory slots), then the robot on the screen has been associated with modelkoy.

3. CD player for audiophiles

10 years ago, fans of good sound realized that early models PS1 contained very high quality player, with sold on the secondary market at bargain prices ($ 5- $ 20) because of the abundance of suggestions. Audiophiles bought the console, modify them - both external (it is well known that the player is in a wooden case or enclosure made of polished aluminum sounds better!) And internal (because the more you vozishsya with CD-player, the better he plays!). Fans of such a hobby was something to tinker, and in fact, these players do not sound better than 99.9% of the other players, they at least look stylish and unusual .

4. Mobile Internet - before it became mainstream

In 2001, Sony released the cable to connect the set-top box via the controller port to a mobile phone. After starting the necessary software on the device and purchase fare i-mode user can go with her to the Internet. Also could play some online games or download a toy for your phone. The service was only available in Japan.

5. Console-transformer

Japanese firm TakaraTomy promises to soon release console, transforming into different robots. www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/specials/hobby/tf/ps/

6. Hipster hours

If your console is completely broken, it can be thrown away - or turn into a wall clock. Hungarian mechanic did in case of the console is fully working hours. He has sold them - but this is just a small part of the works the whole community lovers do something inspired by the console.

7. PlayStation, which was not

It is no secret that the PS was the result of cooperation Nintendo and Sony. Sony had to create a CD add-on for the console Super NES, and at the same time to produce its own version of a hybrid console SNES / CD. In the photo - a prototype of the hybrid controller with Super NES. The system had to support both cartridges and CD. But the deal fell apart, and can only guess, "what would happen if».

8. Miniature PlayStation

The Japanese love everything nyashnye and small, so there you can get a thumbnail almost anything - even console PS1.

9. Console with floppy

Unlike previous systems, PS represent the system save games on removable memory cards. Unfortunately, these cards were filled quickly and cost quite expensive for its volume. And this took the company Datel, releasing an external floppy drive that plugs into the card slot and allows users to save on cheap floppy 3.5 "

10. Pocket PlayStation

Sony PocketStation - tiny platform-an offshoot of PS1, which could act as a memory card and a removable gaming device. Tiny buttons and a tiny LCD-screen is allowed to play in a limited number of games after booting from the CD through the parent console. Can be downloaded from the console of the character data, for example, from Final Fantasy, and pump it to move. Again, this miracle was sold only in Japan.

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