Gamepad for tablet

This system, invented by designer Johan Godefroid (Johan Godfroid) that can instantly turn your iPad or other tablet into a full gaming console with intuitive peripheral controls like the PSP or Nintendo 3DS.

The device is a pair of joysticks which are hard links. Therefore, this gaming system can be installed on any device in any way according to user preferences. Synchronization is possible through Bluetooth or via cable.

As always, simple and ingenious: the device takes up minimal space but provides maximum opportunities. For avid gamers, this device can become a deity to which they pray day and night. Because now they can do their favorite thing anywhere and not carry a huge bag of items, each of which has only one specific purpose. Really convenient invention, is able to reduce the already endless parental expenditures on newfangled devices and gadgets, because when implemented, it certainly will cost much less than a standalone gaming console.

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